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Why My iPad Home Button Was Falling in After Repaired?

First of all, we need to know why the iPad or iPhone home button is sunken after the screen and digitizer reassembled. The iPad home button is fixing with a spacer on the digitizer hole. It has a long flex cable ribbon, which is closely adhered beneath the digitizer. When the home button is off from the screen and digitizer, the adhesive glue will be off and so as the spacer. If we don’t apply enough adhesive glue to the home screen and the spacer, the home button will be falling in after iPad Pro 10.5 LCD screen and digitizer assembled. On the other hand, the new replaced home button must be the exact same size as the hole on the digitizer. Some of the third-party manufactured home button or the iPad screen and digitizer may have errors with the standard size. This will also cause the problem of the home button collapsed.


Next, let’s show you how to install the iPad home button onto the digitizer screen in steps. Before we install the home button, we need to clear the remaining glue from the digitizer. Apply some T7000 adhesive glue on the position of the flex cable ribbon and past the flex ribbon closely on the digitizer. Push the iPad Pro home button with flex cable ribbon on the back slightly to make sure it is flush on the screen. When the home button is fixing tightly on the screen digitizer, we will need to paste the spacer for fixing the home button. We use 10mm Tesa tape to paste on the spacer, make sure the tape is fully covered on the spacer touching face. Paste the spacer across the home button. Press the spacer slightly and make sure it is tightly fixing on the home button. We can check the home button now by gently pressing on the digitizer screen, to see if it is sunken in the hole. We can readjust the position if it is falling in. Apply a little more glue around the home button and the spacer to make sure it is fastened well on the digitizer. After these steps are finished, we can assemble the screen digitizer onto the iPad screen.   


Finally, we advise our customers to tear down their iPad screen and digitizer and reassemble the home button. Follow our steps above to avoid the problem. Furthermore, we suggest our customers choose the original new iPad digitizer touch screen assembly with adhesive or the home button because some third-party manufactured iPad or iPhone parts may have errors with the original device. For consideration of this issue from our customers, Etrade Supply provides the best LCD iPad screen and digitizer. All our iPad parts are 100% tested before stock-in. Customers have no worries about the home button size errors, we guarantee.