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Goodwill announces annual wedding dress, bridesmaids sale


It’s that time of year: the Goodwill Wedding Gala is happening in less than a month!

More than 500 wedding dresses and 400 bridesmaid gowns will be sold at discount, bargain prices on March 18.

The annual event will have wedding evening dresses between $99 and $399, and bridesmaids gowns will be sold between $19.99 and $49.99.

(Courtesy: Goodwill)

Brand names such as Monique Lhuillier, Tomasina and Amsale, and popular styles in short and long lengths and many colors and sizes, will be available.

Local bridal stores donated much of the merchandise.

“This sale is a once-a-year chance for brides-to-be and bridesmaids to find the evening gowns uk of their dreams at an amazing price,” said Goodwill Retail District Manager Jennifer Martin. “Goodwill’s entire stock of these dresses will be on the sales floor from the start of the sale, so shoppers should come early.”

Dresses, as well as jewelry and accessories, will be found in a featured section at the front of the store. Wedding-related vendors, such as salons, venue providers, photographers and caterers will also be on hand.


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Here Are Some Bridesmaid Dresses That Actually Don't Suck

If you're lucky enough to get to pick out your own bridesmaid dress, the chances of buying one you'll actually wear again are still small. Seriously, why are good options so hard to come by?


Aside from Reformation, places selling wearable, on-trend, (but still special) event-appropriate marieprom are few and far between. That's why today's launch of new brand Name of Love has anyone who's about to be (or willever be) in a wedding party buzzing.

"We were both in a friend's wedding as bridesmaids and the search for dresses that fit into the vision the bride was going for was almost impossible," founders Merrill Moskal and Simona Popvassilev told Refinery29 of the brand's beginnings. "Unless we all wanted to spend $500-plus on a designer gown, we weren’t getting anywhere close to the original vision — clean lines, modern fit, good quality fabric, and a good price point. We decided to do some research and put our heads together to identify exactly which pain points we were having, and out of that came the solution of Name of Love!"

Offering 14 styles in eight classic colors (which are encouraged to be mixed and matched within the bridal party), Name of Love's dresses (which range from $198 to $248) definitely lean on the more minimal, classic side. Sure, they may not be the most fashion-forward pieces, but since less is typically more when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, these surely fit the bill. (Our only suggestion for the brand? Adding more sizes.)

With all of this in mind, click on to check out our favorites from the collection. Don't hold back on sending this to any engaged friends as a little hint.

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Bride demands bridesmaids chip in to pay for dress

It's a great honor for someone to ask you to be in their wedding party, but for some bridesmaids, the experience involves far more stress than fun. For one unlucky bridesmaid, it wound up being both emotionally exhausting and financially stressful — a double whammy of bad.

The anonymous bridesmaid, who wrote about her experience on Mamamia.com, said that she was initially "overjoyed" when her friend Caroline asked her to be a bridesmaid. However, her "joy quickly turned to utter despair" when Caroline began getting obsessive about every aspect of her wedding, from the buttonholes for the groomsmen to the table decorations. One day, she even asked the misfortunate bridesmaid to make an Excel document of cake-maker suggestions, including the pricing, contact info, flavors and "prestige" level — and wanted it that day, no less.

The author complied when she had time the next day, apologizing for taking a little longer than was originally requested demanded — something the bride didn't seem to appreciate.

On Saturday morning I cancelled my breakfast plans, instead researching Tasmanian wedding cake-makers (she'd decided to have a picturesque destination wedding) that might be suitable. I sent it through to her and had a reply almost immediately.

"Thanks for this, would've been really helpful to have it yesterday when specified but I appreciate it."Yikes. As if all that wasn't enough, the difficult bride also insisted on shopping for three consecutive weekends to find the perfect wedding gown and bridesmaid formal dresses — a lotof time to ask seven friends to dedicate to your wedding day. Oh, and did I mention the bridesmaid dresses were $550 a piece? But that's not even the craziest part of all this.

Caroline found a gorgeous designer wedding dress, but it was priced at $10,500 — twice the amount allotted in her budget for a gown. The other bridesmaids told her to "totally splurge," which she did... only to request that her bridesmaids "pitch in" for her "dream dress." Caroline's reasoning? It would be a sentimental treasure that all the bridesmaids would have a part in if they paid for it.

The author felt totally enraged by the request — after all, Caroline had been the one to decide on an incredibly expensive dress for herself. Three of the seven bridesmaids have already stated their desire to chip in for the dress, but the disenchanted author isn't so quick to jump on the contribution train. In fact, she writes that she is starting to think she may "have to bail on this wedding, and friendship." To be honest, it sounds like her bank account and sanity would thank her.

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