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white sales clerk blasts black mom over prom dress

An African American mom was disrespected in the highest order — twice — when she shopped for her daughter’s prom dresses 2015 in the city’s upscale Buckhead district this past week.

Coretta Leggz White received what she deemed was extremely poor service from a white sales clerk at Miz Scarletts on Peachtree Road. The boutique store boasts is has “an expansive 2-story showroom with a vast array of wedding, prom, gala and pageant gowns for all ages.”

The perturbed mother took her outrage to social media and even tagged the NAACP Atlanta Branch’s social media account.

“I purchased a dress for my daughter’s prom from Miz Scarletts on Peachtree. My experience was not good so I gave a review. Please read what the owner Susan Smithson had to say about black people in her establishment,” White said.

Those words lit a fire under the behind of a racist white sales clerk who served

“Maybe because U stole it. I am calling Atlanta Police.

Coretta Leggz White responds, “I have my receipt. Call them.”

Susan Smithson writes back, “I will u filthy ni**er. … MizScarletts is a white owned business for whites only take your uppity ni**er a$$ elsewehere.”

“11alive news crew went out to visit Susan of Miz Scarletts and she stated that an ex employee is behind this account that is referring to blacks as niggers. She states that he is trying to destroy her. I’m not sure how true this is but I thought I would let everyone know. I still stand by what I said about my experience with them. I was not happy and do not recommend anyone purchase from them,” said White.

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