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Kaia Gerber finds it 'difficult' juggling her career and education

The 15-year-old model - who is the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber - has admitted she struggles to balance her studies with fronting campaigns for designer brands, although she knows her schooling takes priority.

Speaking to Miss Vogue, the brunette beauty said: " It's really difficult, because you have a lot of different things going on. I go to school everyday, and that does come first.

"I try to separate my modelling work from my school life because I don't want people to think of me differently or that I am a certain way because of it. I think I do a pretty good job of separating it, I don't really talk about it with my friends. Other than my friends that are part of the industry, and I guess that's different."

And the fashion muse will use her "free time" to pose in front of the camera , although she considers her job more of a hobby.

She added: "I use my free time for work, but because I love it so much, it doesn't feel like work and I still have fun with it. I don't really have days where I can sit and do nothing."

However, Kaia doesn't complain about her busy schedule because she has "always" wanted to be a model, and loves being able to meet new people.

Kaia - who is the face of Marc Jacobs and fronts the brand's campaign for their Daisy fragrance - said: "I think it was always something that I knew that I wanted to do. But I would never of thought that I'd be doing Daisy Marc Jacobs ten years later.

"My favourite thing about being a model is the people that I meet. I don't think there's any other job where you get to learn so many things about so many different people. I just love forging new relationships."Read more at:prom dress shops | prom dress shops

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Paris Fashion Week to be designer Rahul Mishra’s next stop

Internationally acclaimed Indian designer Rahul Mishra will head to the French capital, which is always “so inspiring”, for his Paris Fashion Week show in September.

What’s keeping him busy?

“Paris Fashion Week! Our Spring Summer 2018 runway show is due to be presented on the 30th of September,” Mishra, who has been closely associated with Paris, told IANS.

Talking about his collections for Indian and international consumers, he said: “We have to approach both collections very differently. Paris is important in terms of showcasing your most unique collection which has to have an evolution from the previous collection.”

“Design wise we look for inspiration from the past, as well as internationally… it’s separates that sell the best. In the end, the runway look is created by the stylist that I work with in Paris.”

In India, he says, when he prepares for a collection it’s different.

“Because we only showcase our couture line here. So, we create a lot of bridal and occasion wear, we have to think about the entire look, from head to toe the entire ensemble is decided in-house and we start making the collection or designing based on that image,” he said.

How important is it for Indian designers to have a global presence?

“Fashion celebrates individuality, and India has the resources and the ability to embody that uniqueness in our clothes.

“Globally, I feel people do have a huge respect for Indian craftsmanship, we just need to take out the ethnic feel out of the ethnic techniques and create a more global product – that’s what the world demands, and I feel like India has a huge potential to be able to fulfil that,” he said.

For him, it has always been a dream to be able to showcase at Paris Fashion Week.

“PFW is arguably the number one fashion week in the world, it has global heavy weights such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Balenciaga and Hermes showcasing,” he said.

“It’s a dream come true for a brand like us to be amongst these iconic fashion houses and showcase on the same calendar. It also creates a new opportunity, in terms of design, when you’re showcasing alongside some of the world’s most gifted designers, it makes us want to step-up our game as well.”

“I think it improves my work and constantly pushes my aesthetic to new directions. Paris is one of the most culturally influential cities, especially where the idea of beauty is concerned; every visit is always so inspiring,” he added.

Being an Indian designer showcasing at Paris, gives him a certain edge.

“India’s rich craft heritage allows me the freedom to explore my design visions, I am lucky to be from a country that has such a large living population of talented and skilled artisans,” he said.

“I feel like Paris is where I can dream and India is where I can realise that dream.”

Before he impresses fashionistas in the fashion capital, he will showcase his new collection at the ongoing India Couture Week here.

“The collection is called ‘Parizaad’, which means born of the divine. It takes inspiration from century old Persian, Roman and Byzantine architecture, and the intricate use of geometric patterns, tiles of flowers and mosaic of nature, emphasizing great design aesthetics from a time when human skills were divine,” he shared.

He feels India has got that right kind of craftsmanship and ready resources that are waiting to be able to create a “global powerhouse of couture for clothes that are all entirely handmade”.Read more at:prom dresses | evening dresses

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Pre-Fall 2017 womenswear is all about the bold and beautiful

This year’s Pre-Fall saw designers presenting a heady mix of aesthetics. Old and new, classic and modern, rough and soft – each inspiration denotes an idea of contrasting fluidity.

Aesthetically, they bridge the gap between narrations of the year’s main seasons. So expect a little of everything from Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, plus a little extra.

Here’s a look at the Pre-Fall womenswear collections from five designer labels.

Balenciaga’s Pre-Fall collection walks the line between avant-garde and everyday elegance. It highlights a progressive yet pragmatic stance that has long defined the fashion house.

Features from the Spring/Summer 2017 collection are redeployed – from the treatment of bright 1970s swimwear-derived florals and body-hugging fabric, through to the small details forming signature links.

Underlying all of this is the reality of a living Parisian design culture with a narrative of its own. The inspirations are sparked from in-house life, street observation and the legacy of Cristobal Balenciaga.

Inspired by “the evening dresses that women used to wear to dine at the Ritz” – according to creative director Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel collection focuses on a silhouette with a well-defined waist and flared skirts.

More than ever the suit expresses a new sense of modernity: straight-cut skirts alternating with Capri pants, as well as jackets becoming a spencer worn with a tunic or a bolero over a long dress.

The season delivers new ultra-feminine versions of the iconic Chanel jacket too. They come adorned with braids made from pearls or tweed roses, floral embroidery and plexiglas buttons.

Givenchy unveiled its Pre-Fall collection in Copenhagen, where the Vega concert hall (conceived in 1956 by Danish architect Vilhem Lauritzen) served as backdrop for classic, elegant pieces.

Designs range from tailored, masculine styles with couture finishes to lace evening dresses. Camel hues and soft shades are also enhanced with gold and yellow notes, referencing the warmth of Scandinavian woods.

Long, fitted-waist jackets over flared pants further mark the collection’s fashion spirit, which are animated with contrasting colours or saturated prints (optical mandalas or florals).

Versace’s designs present a mix of urban essentials in refined fabrics. Tweed is revolutionised with techno threads, for example. There is a new print combining baroque, animal and camouflage, as well.

While vivid swirls of Swiss lace decorate shirts and skirts – with the edges hanging free, large swirls like graffiti are intricately embroidered in silk threads onto a sheer tulle dress.

“I want to push luxury forwards, experimenting with new techniques and rich fabrics that elevate and energise the urban Versace look,” states chief designer Donatella Versace.

Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of the Dior women’s collections, was inspired by themes of “freedom” when designing for Pre-Fall. The pieces thus make up a wardrobe that encouraged individuality.

She turned the iconic houndstooth into an unlined jacket and swingy knit skirt, for instance. She also revived the black tassels used in a 1947 collection to punctuate the overleaf of a black dress.

As the fashion house so aptly describes in the press release: “Place art at the centre of one’s life. Express who one is through a series of memorable gestures. Be unforgettable.”Read more at:evening gowns | formal dresses

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