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How Isabelle Huppert’s grown up French style made her a surprise fashion star at the Golden Globes


Despite being nominated for a Best Actress award at the Golden Globes last night, despite arriving in a dazzling Armani Privé gown and despite posing for pictures with Leonardo DiCaprio and the ilk, perhaps only film buffs were aware of Isabelle Huppert's illustrious career before she stepped onto the red carpet last night.

But now the 63 year-old French actress has won the gong and won the spotlight, pipping Amy Adams (for her role in Arrival), Jessica Chastain (for Miss Sloane), Ruth Negga (for Loving) and Natalie Portman (for Jackie) to the prize and causing the headlines to hail her a ‘surprise star’.

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True, she might not have been a mainstream name before her critically acclaimed performance in Elle, but the fashion industry had caught onto Huppert’s magic some time ago. A front row fixture at Dior, Chanel and Armani (she attended the latter's couture show in July and likely picked her Golden Globes gown from the presentation), her irreverent, nonchalant sense of style has allowed her to play both muse and model for many designers over the years. Photographer Helmut Newton took a series of now-iconic, provocative portraits of her in the 1970s, and Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott shot her for Givenchy’s 2014 ad campaign, alongside Kendall Jenner and a gaggle of millennial models.

Despite starring in over 130 movies since her debut in 1971, Huppert’s choice to always work with edgy directors and complex characters is part of what has defined her as an ageless cool-girl for so long. Her character in psychological thriller Elle is a businesswoman who is attacked and raped in her home, and previous roles like 2001’s The Piano Teacher, have all called for her to adopt dark personalities.

The fact that Hubbert is extremely private and very little is known about her, is also likely part of her appeal to designers on the hunt for a steady, reliably chic muse. The mother of three joined Instagram just three days ago and has gained 1,500 followers so far.

Her day-to-day style consists of all the now-cliche markers of French chic; jeans, tailored jackets, skinny neckties and even Breton tops. But with her authenticity (she was born in Paris in 1953) the look suddenly feels sophisticated and easy.

On the red carpet, her go-tos are equally archetypal - think smoking suits in red, white or black, black leather blouses and pussy bow dresses by Dior - but in the mix of flashing sequins, bodycon tops and ‘naked dresses’ on swarming Instagram right now, Huppert's is an easy approach that feels positively refreshing.

At the Golden Globes last night she took some risks with her is-that-a-bare-midriff dress and Repossi earcuffs to boot. But the risks paid off and only added to her enduring appeal as an underrated, understated French style icon.

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The Rose Gold Beauty Product Sending the Internet Into a Tizzy + How to Use It


ll that glitters is basically beauty gold. Over the past year, the biggest makeup trends have all been about adding a little extra sparkle to that daily routine – i.e. any unicorn-related product. Glitter strobing also became a thing. And anything with a holographic tint sent beauty buffs frantically digging for their credit cards. So it should come as no surprise that the cosmetic product that’s been pinned 54,000 times on Pinterest is a combo of shimmer and another trend the beauty world is going ham for RN: rose gold.

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The product isn’t new. It’s been a cult favorite for awhile. But because it’s pretty much the perfect combo of everything we’re loving beauty-wise, it’s seen a huge spike in popularity. According to Allure, “Pinterest named rose gold as one of the top winter beauty trends of the year, with searches up 190 percent.”

Okay, yes agreed. But how exactly do you actually use pigment? The beauty of the product (and the reason so many pros are fans) is because you can really use it for whatever you want. Eyeshadow? Check. Highlighter? Check. You can even dust it on top of a dark lip to give it a shimmery hue (like in this example here).

If you’re really digging the stuff, maybe just GO. FOR. IT. and replicate this beauty blogger’s look in which she created an entire face of makeup using only glitter. But just don’t call us when you’re 50 makeup wipes in and still can’t get the stuff to come off completely.

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using child to steal from beauty stores across D-FW

Irving police are asking the public for tips about two thieves who appear to use a child to help them steal products from beauty supply stores around Dallas-Fort Worth.The man and woman were recorded on security camera footage stealing from beauty supply stores in Euless, Mansfield, Arlington, Rockwall and Irving, police spokesman James McLellan said.

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He said the suspects have been pilfering beauty supply stores for at least one year. Irving police have evidence that their most recent theft was about one week ago.

"They're prolific thieves, but they're also using a child to help them, which is pretty shocking," McLellan said. "They're not only potentially endangering that child, but they're teaching her some pretty bad behavior."

The thieves typically go after high-end beauty products and equipment, such as flat irons.

Security camera footage from a Sally Beauty Supply store in the 2200 block of North Story Road in Irving shows the man and woman taking beauty products from shelves and stuffing them into their pants.

McLellan said the thieves stole from that Sally Beauty Supply at least three times in July. In one video from the store's security camera, a child is shown handing a woman beauty products from the shelf, which the woman then sticks into her pants.

In other security camera footage recorded July 15, a man is shown sticking products into his pants and then using the child as a screen so employees can't see the stolen items protruding from his pants.

McLellan said the lead detective on the case received an email from the Ulta loss prevention manager that said the suspects from the Sally Beauty Supply security footage have stolen from numerous Ultas around Dallas-Fort Worth. The manager said they've been trying to catch them since last October.

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