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Brides-to-be get ideas for big day at 5th annual showcase


Nayla Velazquez, of Ledyard, is getting married next year in October and wants a small wedding.

Her mother, Aly Milan, wants to go in a different direction, with a big event and lots of guests.

Both came to Sunday's fifth annual Bridal Showcase, sponsored by The Bulletin and Norwich Magazine, to get some ideas for the big day next year.

"I like going to expos," Velazquez said. "It's great to have ideas. I just want something simple, not a big wedding. My mom wants a big wedding."

With 20 area vendors on hand at the Holiday Inn, there was something for every prospective bride. Visitors could sample catering options cooked on the spot, compare different wedding backless evening dresses, pick out flowers and even learn a few dance steps, which Milan did with Arthur Murray Dance instructor Marc Pernaveau.

Kim Blonar, of Niantic, will get married in May 2018. Her fiancé, Tom Morrissette, of Colchester, accompanied her to the showcase.

"This is literally our first wedding event," Blonar, 25, said. "We're here to get the feel of it."

Morrissette knew about the bridal showcase because he'd been to it in the past for a previous wedding.

"As far as specifics, last time I was here I wasn't paying attention to much, just free food," the future groom said.

The pair began planning their wedding soon after their New Year's engagement.

"We'd rather get a good head start and then kind of coast toward the date," Morrissette, 28, said. "That's the intention."

Amber Kudelsky, of Danielson, has a firm date - March 18, 2018.

"I'm looking for sexy prom dresses and a DJ," she said. "And I got cupcakes."

It was her first time at a bridal event.

"I was a little overwhelmed but I like it," she said. "People answer a lot of questions, and I see things that I didn't think of, like the photo booth."

Kirsten Nicholas of Love me Two Times Consignment and Bridal Boutique in Taftville was one of the business owners on hand Sunday to provide information to guests.

"We have several mailing lists and are doing some promotions for people that come to the show," she said.

It also was a good day for newcomers Patrick and Lenore Auger of Salon One, with locations in Pomfret and New London.

"It's going wonderful," Patrick Auger said. "This is the first time here. We're enjoying ourselves. It's been a nice diverse crowd."



Eddie Munster Attends Champaign Haunted House Clowns' Wedding


Clowns were spotted in Champaign Monday, but they aren't like the ones who've been spotted across the country.

Instead, these clowns were full of happiness and wedded bliss.


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Two clowns from Champaign’s Freak Show Haunted House, which was just voted number one Most Intense Haunter House in Illinois by Haunted Illinois, got married at the house.

What better day, they say, than Halloween?

"Me and her both have worked haunts and we love scaring people. You know, we're not normal average people," John Paris, the groom, said.

Paris said after making it through a nearly fatal car accident six years ago, all he wants is to be happy and to be himself.

Moments before walking down the haunted aisle, the bride, Kyli Holden, said it's everything she's ever wanted.

"Nervous,” Holden said. “Excited."

John's mother, Lynn Paris, said her son always had a problem fitting in, but after the miraculous recovery six years ago she said John became more comfortable in his skin.

Lynn said he found his passion for “scare” and found his new Freak Show haunting family, who put the wedding together.

"They are incredibly blessed with this group of people,” she said. “We can't choose our family, but this family has chosen them, and I think that's beautiful."

The newlyweds say their guests, who include Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster from 1964 show The Munsters, are really what made the wedding memorable for them.

"To show up and to really just show their support for us… it’s amazing,” John Paris said. “It’s amazing how much just being a good person and trusting in people can really change the world."

There was another big surprise right after the wedding.

After they gave her bouquet to her best friend, Catherine Kester, her boyfriend of several years, Tyler Behn, who's like a brother to the groom, got down on one knee and proposed.

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Gaurav and Akanksha’s unique wedding card!


After nearly a year-long courtship, Gaurav Khanna is set to tie the knot with his sweetheart Akanksha Chamolaon November 24. The engagement, sangeet and pre-wedding reception will happen on November 23, which will be followed by a big fat Punjabi wedding a day later. On November 25, there will be a Mata ki Chowki. All functions will take place in Gaurav's hometown, Kanpur.

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Ask the actor what made him realise that Akanksha was the one for him and he replies, "It was the first spark I felt when I met her. I have worked with many good-looking people, but meeting her was different. I knew instantly that this is the girl I would want to spend the rest of my life with. One thing led to another and now we are getting married," he says, adding, "Akanksha is fun-loving like me and we have similar sensibilities. In a way, she completes me. I am reserved, while she is more social and outgoing."

For their trousseau, the couple has steered clear off matching their outfits. "We have planned everything together, right from the venue to our trousseau, and no, they are not colour co-ordinated." Their wedding card has generated a lot of curiosity. It has their caricatures on every leaf. He informs, "I didn't want a run-of-the-mill wedding card. Being a little creative, I decided to make it funny and cute at the same time. My concept for the theme is the release of a big film, which Akanksha executed."

While they have taken a 20-day off from work, their honeymoon will be delayed. Gaurav says, "Both of us are stuck with our TV commitments. Honeymoon will have to wait as we will be visiting our relatives after the wedding. We plan to go on a long honeymoon once we get some time off from work."

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