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Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Reportedly Planning A $2 Million Wedding

The rags are saying that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are planning a $2 million wedding, and I was about to be offended by that amount, but then I looked into the cost of celebrity weddings. Are these people insane? Michael Jordan’s wedding cost $10 million, Kimye’s cost almost $11 million, and Jay-Z and Beyonce spent $5 million on the engagement ring alone. I was going to go on a tear about the wedding industrial complex and setting a bad example, but by those standards, T.Swift and Calvin Harris (do they have a portmanteau yet?) are keeping it simple.

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, wedding

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They’re also reportedly thinking about skipping a pre-nup because it’s “unromantic.” You do you, Tay. You do you.

Although who knows? This could be and probably is all speculative bull dook. The couple isn’t even engaged yet, and they seem to be much more concerned with trying to convince us all that they are not in fact Illuminati-controlled robots and do feel love by posing for “romantic” anniversary pictures.

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First Look: Vanessa Williams Launches Clothing Line, Where Everything Is Under $100 and Meant to 'Hide Bra Fat'

Vanessa Williams always wanted to be a designer. The actress and singer worked retail in high school (at a store called Current and Casual), went on to adore intricate pageant gowns as Miss America in 1984 (her winning dress is stored at Syracuse University), and turned into a power long prom dresses on TV (thanks to her characters of Wilhelmina Slater on Ugly Betty and Renee Perry onDesperate Housewives).

Now, at 52, she’s taking a lifetime of fashion fascination to the next level by launching her first line, V. by Vanessa Williams, on the Evine home shopping network and evine.com starting March 19.

Vanessa Williams

COURTESY NYDJ“This collection is a combination of me as a professional, me as a mother, and me as what I wear for comfort around the house,” she tells PeopleStyle of the line, which she named after her lifelong signature, a single V and a period. “It’s your urban look, it’s your suburban look, it’s your casual look, and it’s your glam look, all in one.” What does that translate to? An 18-piece debut that includes jumpsuits, blousy caftans, stretch skirts, and rouched tops—all for $100 or less. (The dress she models below is the stretch-knit sleeveless knee-length style in cobalt and retails for $50.)

Vanessa Williams

COURTESY V. BY VANESSA WILLIAMSBut for Williams, she also wanted her line to act as a problem solver, “particularly for women who are 40 and up,” she says. “My friends and I complain about bra fat and loose arms. We’ve got a couple areas that we want to cover. Gone are the days when you’re 20 and you can just wear a little spaghetti strap thing and everything’s up and perky by itself. I’ve gone through my 30s, 40s, 50s and my body keeps changing with every decade. Yes, I’ve got bra fat and love handles. It’s a constant struggle. So, my view is don’t give up the fight, keep it moving, embrace where your body is going, and then dress accordingly.”

COURTESY V. BY VANESSA WILLIAMSThat’s why she made sure every piece is cut so bras fit comfortably underneath and the straps will be covered. Armholes are looser. Sizes go up to 24 and 26. Overall, the pieces are complementary to the areas we are trying to hide,” she explains. “We don’t want to mask them and we don’t want to disappear in loads and loads of fabric and look like were wearing a muumuu. I want women to look the best they can.”

Her final touch to make this especially Vanessa: Choosing her favorite colors, embellishments, and prints and then “adding a bit of glam,” she says. “I love animal prints, grays, greens, khakis, and blues. I love that I got the chance to have a little color—but nothing that’s multiple leopards on top of each other—or, really, anything too cougar.”

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A 'Gilmore Girls' Wedding Is Happening, But Who Will The Lucky Couple Be? — PHOTOS

This may be the biggest spoiler from the Netflix revival so far: it looks like someone on Gilmore Girls is getting married. Gilmore Girls News found a photo of a prop on Instagram that is clearly marked "Wedding." But just who is the happy couple? There are a few options, but at the moment, Luke and Lorelai, or Rory and Logan are at the top of the list. Sorry Jess fans, but the return of The Life and Death Brigade boys in one episode are making a Rory and Jess union seem less and less likely.

While nothing has been confirmed, the prop in question and its accompanying sign definitely suggest a couple will be heading toward marital bliss, with filming of the event set for March 18. Is it possible the wedding won't involve one of the Gilmore women? It might be the case, but don't be surprised if Rory or Lorelai (or maybe even both) end up walking down the aisle by the time the last episode, "Fall," rolls around. Depending on who the groom is, this wedding could be the highlight of the year for Gilmore fans, or it could end up being a majorly controversial plot point. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has always followed her own heart where Lorelai and Rory are concerned, so don't expect her to shy away from a more scandalous option.


Take a look at the tell-tell props, and then let the wedding speculation commence.

A picture frame, and an opulent looking blue vase type thing. This wedding is looking pretty swanky already.

But just whose wedding could it be? Here are a few guesses.

Fans have been clamoring for a Luke and Lorelai wedding since Season 1. There's no doubt that the duo should be together, and I would love to see them finally stand under that chuppah, but after nearly nine years, shouldn't they have tied the knot by now? Luke and Lorelai could have spent the years since the finale cohabitating without putting any rings on their fingers, and Richard's passing could be what inspires them to make it official. However, it seems just as likely that these two star-crossed lovers said "I do" a long time ago.

Logan & Rory

Rory turned down Logan's marriage proposal in the series finale to hit the campaign trail with future President Barack Obama. There is an excellent chance that Rory's journalism career is now thriving, leading her to be in a place more conducive to settling down. Sherman-Palladino has confirmed Rory will be single when the revival begins, but by the time "Fall" rolls around Logan and the male members of The Life and Death Brigade will return for what sounds an awful lot like a bachelor party.

This doesn't necessarily mean the bride is Rory. Logan could be marrying someone else, and Rory is invited to the party, but that seems like an awfully flimsy reason to bring back so many secondary characters.

Jess & Rory

Jess will be back for three episodes, but there is no evidence that he and Rory will be reuniting. Perhaps Sherman-Palladino has put the entire subject on lockdown to keep fans from catching on. If so, she truly is a mad genius, and is doing an excellent job at planting foilers. As beloved as Jess and Rory are, there is no way this couple can be completely counted out — just because there will be a wedding doesn't mean the bride will go through with it. There is always the possibility that Rory will end up riding off into the sunset on the back of Jess' motorcycle even if she does have plans to marry someone else.

Christopher & Lorelai

Hey, Sherman-Palladino left the Gilmore Girls before Christopher and Lorelai got hitched in Season 7, so who is to say she doesn't have her own plans for the couple? This is the longest of long shots, but no one has ever accused Sherman-Palladino of being predictable.

A Double Wedding

Let's forget about the possible groom(s) for a second. What if Lorelai and Rory have a double wedding? And Emily walks them down the aisle? Would you even care who was standing beside them at that point? At its heart, this show will always be about Rory and Lorelai, and if the series ends with the mother/daughter duo taking a big leap into their futures together, I will cry all the happy tears no matter how I feel about the guyswaiting for them at the altar. Those famed last four words, might just be: "I do, I do."

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