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Netflix for Fashion: My Experience With Subscription Clothing

There are so many things in this world I would rather do than laundry. I will happily roll my used clothes up, put them in a UPS package and ship them off for someone else to deal with.

Luckily for me, Rent the Runway recently announced a subscription service for clothes. For $139 a month, customers can choose from a selection of designer prom dresses manchester, rompers, purses, and jewelry. You can rent three items at a time and there’s no limit to how long you can keep them. So you could wear a different designer outfit almost every day for about the cost of a month’s worth of subway rides.

This service is great news for young women in fashion or PR who face the same discerning eyes on a daily basis. Or those who forget stuff at the dry cleaners.

Needless to say, I signed up right away.


The first item I chose was a Halston Heritage jumpsuit with a retail value of $525. Even if it weren’t half a grand, I probably would not buy a jumpsuit with sequins on it. It’s too memorable to wear frequently and the onesie trend might not last. Like a match made on Tinder, I loved it for the day and then happily sent it back. Lesson 1: Rent The Runway Unlimited is great for experimental trends you might not want to commit to.

The second item I rented was a white, spring jacket by Rebecca Taylor with a market value of $550. That jacket will be great for two months. I’ll wear it every day until May. I’ll gladly send it back for the ten months it would have sat in my closet had I purchased it for $361 more. Lesson 2: Rent The Runway Unlimited is smart for seasonal items.

The third item I rented was a little disappointing. My expectations were too high. I picked out a blue dress that I figured would be a safe bet. The fabric felt cheap. On the bright side, it was more than fine for a Wednesday at the office. Lesson 3: Unlimited has more variation in quality than regular Rent the Runway, and that makes sense for daily use.


The quality discrepancy between the items made me realize that the new service is about to open the door for tier-based membership. Consumers will pay varying prices per month depending on what quality they want. If that works, why wouldn’t other clothing brands start their own membership service? You may not like Rent the Runway, but might consider a membership to Prada, Nasty Gal or Kate Spade. Lesson 4: Rent the Runway Unlimited is about to change how retail works. Customers will now subscribe to their favorite brands instead of going to stores.

You’ve probably figured it out by now: I’m a millennial. Guilty as charged. I don’t use hotels - I Airbnb. I don’t have a driver’s license - I Lyft. Handy cleans my apartment. I stream Netflix because I don’t have a TV and jog to Spotify. The last time I bought a full album was “SpiceWorld.” So millennial I actually made a video about this service and posted it to YouTube before it occurred to me to write it down. I am connected to a world of personal services that did not exist way back in the 20th century. One thing that hasn’t changed is the need to buy appropriate clothes for different circumstances and keep them washed and dry-cleaned. Until now.

The same way that Airbnb is changing the hotel business and Uber, Lyft and Zipcar are making it less appealing for my generation to own cars, subscription clothing will change how clothing brands operate. The sharing economy is real, and I am all about it.

Rent the Runway Unlimited may sound too good to be true - but so did Spotify, Lyft, Handy and Netflix.


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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Season for You

Setting a date for your wedding is not only super exciting, but it also gets the ball rolling on the rest of the planning process (i.e. you finally have free reign to make all your wedding dreams come true!). Before you put a deposit down and say, "I do" to a summer soiree or a winter wonderland affair though, you'll want to put some serious thought and consideration into what wedding season truly is right for you. Naturally, we're here to help!


Use the process of elimination

Can't take the heat? Don't do well in the cold? If you see yourself falling into either one of these two categories (i.e. you'd die sweating in your wedding prom dresses liverpool or can't envision rocking fur and freezing your booty off), then avoid choosing the winter or summer at all costs, advises Florida-based wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss The Planner. "Typically the fall and spring bring much milder temperatures, so if extreme weather conditions get you down, be realistic about your specific needs and comfort level and opt for one of those two seasons." However, that's not to say you always have to rule a specific season out. For example, in Florida where SamueIs plans weddings, it tends to be summer year-round.

Think about when you're happiest

Is it at a bonfire in the fall, a barbecue in the summer or skiing in the winter? It's all about what you love and makes you happy, points out wedding planner and founder of Pretty Pear Bride Shafonne Myers. "If you're a snow bunny, then of course that should be when you choose to have your wedding. And if you dig warmer weather and being beside the water, then naturally you would go for a beach wedding in the summer."

Consider the weather

Highly sensitive to attendance and punctuality? Then having a winter wedding with the potential for inclement weather and late/MIA guests probably isn't a wise idea, warns wedding planner Jenny Orsini, Owner and Creative Director of Jenny Orsini Events Inc. In many coastal towns and islands, the summer and fall tends to bring heavy rainfall and hurricane force winds. "So unless you're choosing a location that is outside of the hurricane belt, the summer and fall months run a higher risk of foul weather than the rest of the year," cautions Samuels. On the contrary, prices are often far more reasonable at this time and might be the perfect option for those on a tight budget, she adds.

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Make sure your season fits your venue

For instance, a great outdoor location looks even better in spring and fall but may be too hot in the summers, while a gorgeous mountain resort will likely look the best in the winter, notes Ani Keshishian, Creative Director of Anoush Banquet Halls & Catering and L.A. Banquets. "Take all that you have envisioned into account and figure out which season will best capture your vision of what your wedding should look like. Is it outside and warm, or is it cold and cozy?" Will the most important people in your life be able to make it on the chosen date? These are just a couple of questions you should consider first.

Ask yourself: What colors, floral and décor speak to you?

The design lines are often blurred, but if you like a darker moodier palette with neutrals, a fall or winter wedding might be for you, recommends event planner Kristine Cholakian Cooke, owner of Simply Charming Socials. "If your heart is set on bright pink peonies, you'll want to choose spring. Although our resources are wide ranging, we always suggest going with the season for the freshest and most affordable florals," she says.

Keep in mind the dress code

Or rather, the dress code you have in mind! While dressing for the occasion is always key, this rule also works the other way around, according to Cooke. If you have a vision of what you, your wedding party and even guests will wear, choose a time of year that is appropriate, she advises. "Black tie is seasonally universal, but we wouldn't recommend it for an outdoor July wedding in the Southeast. However, if you're in love with a lightweight strapless gown and you want your girls in a short http://www.marieprom.co.uk/prom-dresses-manchester, the warmer seasons are probably for you."

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14 Literary Wedding Favors To Give Away On Your Big Day

ou've decided to have a literary themed wedding — and for that, I give you a round of applause. Not only will you have an unforgettable and outrageously gorgeous wedding, it'll also be one for the books. All puns aside, I'm sure you're overwhelmed with by your wedding to-do list, from the cake to the prom dresses liverpool to the decorations to the small-but-important wedding favors. Whether you're putting your heart and soul into every literary detail or just planting a few book references here and there, there's no doubt your bookish wedding is going to be incredible.

No matter if you're a crafty DIY bride or more of a let-the-pros-handle-it kind of gal, I've gathered up a list of 14 unique and literary-inspired wedding favors to consider giving away at the end of your big day. Your guests are there to celebrate you, your partner, and the love between the two of you. As a kind gesture for their generosity throughout all the wedding, you're probably trying to figure out how to give back. Not to worry. My list includes everything from inexpensive party favors to DIY ideas to somewhat over-the-top gifts, so there's something for everyone and every budget.

Bring out the literary love between you and your partner on your big day, and don't forget to say thanks with these awesome wedding favors:

1. Let Your Guests Choose From Your Used Books

Do you and your fiancé have a ton of used books neither of you really care to keep around? At your wedding, set up a mini library for your guests. Or, you can even transform the books into placement cards and have your guests pick theirs up as they find their seat.

2. Create Personalized Bookmarks

This Etsy shop offers personalized bookmarks for your special day. You could include the date, your names, a special shout out, or even your favorite book quote or poem. If you're crafty and want to have some fun, these are easy (and super cheap) to make yourself!

Literary Wedding Bookmarks, theBirdandtheBeard, Etsy, $32.00

3. Package Some Novel-Tea

Do you have some tea lovers attending your wedding? Consider getting some small jars, scooping in one of these literary themed teas, and getting creative with the decorations. "Tea for two", or "Love is brewing" are just a few ideas.

The Literary Collection Loose Leaf Tea Blends, FirstEditionTeaCo, Etsy, $51.00

4. Hand Out Lord of the Rings Inspired Succulents

If you're someone who dreams of having a wedding in a magical forest or someone who loves the LOTR series, there's no better way to include your geeky love than by handing out tiny and unique succulent favors. It's a great gift, and one that symbolizes your growing love. You could stop at the garden store and get some tiny pots to plant them in (and paint, if you dare), or simply hand out a bunch of succulents like these.

5. Make Some Harry Potter Inspired Treats

There seems to be a million and one ways to make your wedding Harry Potter themed, so don't stop at the wedding favors. Give guests a jar of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, or make your own chocolate frogs. This is one treat any guest of yours will be endlessly thankful for.

6. Put Some Liquid Luck Into Honey Jars

Whether or not you're into making honey, you have to admit these are some sweet favors. Order some of these adorable glass bottles with Liquid Luck stickers, or head to your local craft store and make your own version!

Mini Glass Bottles, NotSoIdleHands, Etsy, $18.85

7. Bake Some Alice in Wonderland Cookies

If you or your partner is a natural baker, try making some sweet sugar cookies that resemble the iconic treats in Alice in Wonderland! Pack a few up in some little bags, and you've got yourself an easy and cute wedding favor.

8. Make S'mores Books

I absolutely adore Rosanna Pansino and her Nerdy Nummies YouTube show, so when I saw her make Textbook S'mores, I had to try and make my own! It's a relatively simple recipe, and it offers endless decorating options. While you could stick to the textbook look, you could also decorate your s'mores with literary titles you and your SO love.

9. Give Some Lip Love With Literary Lip Balm

This Etsy shop offers a few different literary scented lip balms, and I want them all. Odds are, your wedding guests are going to enjoy them, too! Another route to take with this wedding favor idea would be to buy plain lip balm in bulk and create your own bookish print or quote to decorate the outside of it with.

Thornfield Kiss Lip Balm, FromthePage, Etsy, $3.50

10. DIY Book Candles Or Soap

Candles are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive, as is soap — but maybe I'm just into things that smell great. Either way, giving your guests a book paged candle holder, or a book scented candle or bar of soap, is a uniquely awesome wedding favor.

Vintage Book Page Candle Holders, ArtZodiac, Etsy, $18.00

11. Set Your Love Ablaze With Literary Matchbooks

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding favor but don't want to spend much time on making them, matchbooks might be the perfect solution. Coming in an array of different book covers, your guests can pick and choose from their favorites.

Book Covered Matchboxes, MatchMakers, Etsy, $100.00

12. Put A Love Poem In A Bottle

Send your guests home with a love poem (from iconic to handwritten between you and your partner, or even a bunch of random poems) in a jar as a decorative piece they could place just about anywhere. You can get as creative as you want with this by adding some sand and seashells for a nautical feel, or some book confetti just for fun.

13. Personalize Small Journals

Your guests were there to see a major point in your love story, so send them home with a journal to share their story. Gather a bunch of plain journals, and then use your handwriting skills (or get a personalized stamp) and get as creative as you want.

Bulk Plain Notebooks, SlimNote, Etsy, $20.00+

14. Use Book Bags For Any Favor

Already have a favor in mind but aren't sure how to package it? Use these awesome book bags! Whether you're sending your guests back with treats, knick-knacks, or personalized pieces no one but you could've thought up, this is one way to tie in that literary wedding theme.

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