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Exclusive: Ana Khouri Launches Bridal Jewelry Collection

After nearly 15 years in business with her signature namesake line, the jeweler Ana Khouri is expanding in a surprising direction. This week, she’s launching a bridal collection at Barneys New York.

Exclusive: Ana Khouri Launches Bridal Jewelry Collection -

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The bridal market is hugely lucrative for jewelry lines, but it is oversaturated and über competitive for a young brand to break into. Khouri, though, saw an opportunity.

“My idea was to do some rings that are within a budget…I didn’t see anything out there, and for what did exist, was far away from what we want to wear,” she said in a recent interview. So, she created a collection featuring minimal single stone bands of diamond or emerald stones within the range of $2,000-$4,000.

The girl who buys Ana Khouri’s jewelry line can often be considered within the self-purchase market—an ever expanding group of women (or men) who purchase their own jewelry rather than wait for it to be gifted to them. Her clientele appreciate jewelry, but they are primarily informed by their budget.

Khouri is also aware that the concept of marriage is more openly and widely interpreted than ever before, with brides and grooms choosing to forgo antiquated notions of wedding style all the time. In her view, “no one marriage or relationship is perfect.”

To that notion, she responded with engagement ring designs in which the band does not close but is left open. In other words, in their perfection they remain imperfect. Her smaller, yet beautiful stones accent the rings sometimes on the top of the band, off center, or without a diamond altogether.

“I didn’t want it to have a closed band because now there are every different kind of marriages, sometimes a couple just wants to live together and not get married,” Khouri said. In their way, these rings can be thought of more as symbols of commitment rather than a traditional wedding band.

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Falling in love over a latte: Witney couple celebrate wedding day with Costa Coffee

WHEN Chris and Sarah from Witney celebrated their engagement, they knew they would not be able to enjoy their big day without their favourite cup of coffee.

So the couple, who fell in love over a shared passion for lattes and cappuccinos, celebrated tying the knot by inviting Costa Coffee along to their wedding.

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Chris and Sarah Cummins, from Witney, used to meet at their local Costa Coffee in Woolgate during their early dating days in 2009.

They quickly became regulars, and admitted that the staff knew their names and would start making their drinks before they had even ordered.

So when Chris popped the question, the couple felt it would be only natural to have their favourite coffee at their wedding.

The new Mrs Cummins said: "When Chris and I were planning our wedding, we know we wanted to have Costa Coffee there.

"We used to meet there and we always think of it as 'our place'. The baristas are always so friendly and – of course – we love the coffee.

"We're absolutely thrilled that they could make our big day even more special and we're looking forward to enjoying many more coffees for years to come."

Costa Coffee have just one coffee cart in the whole of the UK, despite having hundreds of cafes.

But the staff went the extra mile to help their two regulars secure the cart for their big day in Chadlington, at the start of this month.

Witney barista Brendon Winter went along to their wedding to make coffees for all the guests and create special drinks for the bride and groom, with a heart stencilled on top.

Priya Farish of Costa Coffee said: "Our baristas always aim to go above and beyond to make customers happy.

"When Sarah and Chris asked if Costa could come to their wedding, we were delighted to help and immediately set about getting hold of the only Costa cart in the country. Our barista, Brendon, he always volunteers to help out and we knew he would do a fantastic job at the wedding."

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Elle Macpherson Looks Positively Ageless in a Bathing Suit on Vacation

Elle Macpherson is living her best life. The supermodel is currently vacationing with her son in the Maldives, and by the looks of the photos she's having a blast.

Elle Macpherson Looks Positively Ageless in a Bathing Suit on Vacation

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Macpherson took to Instagram to share several snaps from her trip, but one in particular caught our attention. In the photo in question, the 52-year-old mom is looking just as stunning as ever while showing off her figure in a one-piece bathing suit. Macpherson poses next to her son, Flynn Busson, in front of a picturesque view of the crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. "Snorkel partner," she captioned the photo, along with two fish emojis.

But that's not the only photo she's shared from her trip. Macpherson also 'grammed a snap of her and her friend wearing leggings before a yoga session, as well as a photo of the ocean at sunrise and one of her younger son, Aurelius, donning some cool shades. The family is staying at the Shangri-La resort on the island, so it's safe to say they're having one luxurious trip. Keep scrolling to see more photos from their holiday.

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