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Meet the Japanese Model Who Rocked Paris Fashion Week

Miu Miu’s star-studded casts are never short on top models, but even in the midst of Gigi Hadid and Anna Ewers, there are plenty new faces worth noticing. This season, Tokyo discovery Rina Fukushi joined Miuccia Prada’s runway girl gang, bringing an ultra-cool vibe and the kind of eye-catching beauty that makes casting directors sit up and take notice. Fukushi, wrapping up a fashion month filled with shows from the biggest designers, has gone from being one of Fashion Week Tokyo’s top girls to walking for Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta,Chloé, and now Miu Miu. An anime fan with a love of photography, vintage shopping, and travel, Fukushi is the latest well-rounded catwalker to hit the scene.

Here, six key facts about the model who took Miu Miu by storm today.

1. She never passes up an opportunity to go vintage shopping.

“I think my personal style is all about nuance; I’m always thinking about that when I get cheap prom dresses uk. If I shop, I like to do so at thrift stores or vintage shops in New York, Paris, and Milan as I’m traveling, and I go to vintage shops in Tokyo when I’m home. You can find so many good things from the ’70s with rock ’n’ roll style.”

2. She learned the ropes at LV.

“My very first Paris show was Louis Vuitton last [Fall] season—everyone was so kind. The experience was very stimulating, and I felt like I learned so much by getting to watch closely as Nicolas [Ghesquière] and the team worked.”

3. For her, it’s truly all about the clothes.

“It’s just a pleasure to get to feel and see the clothes. When I’m working, I feel like I’m gaining momentum. I want to continue expressing myself in various ways in and out of modeling.”

4. But the best part of the job? Getting to see new places.

“I loved visiting New York! I got to be there for two weeks before my first show this season, so I had a chance to explore and get to know the city. This month, I tried to see a little bit of each place I traveled to.”

5. She’s hooked on anime.

“I love the work of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. I think Princess Mononokeand My Neighbor Totoro are my favorites; Totoro is so cute!”

6. Her main hobby is stepping behind the camera, but she’s always down for breaking into song.

“When I’m with my friends, I like just to listen to music; I’ll do karaoke with my family. Sometimes I’ll take photos of my friends or just document the moment. I was surprised how much fun I had in Paris with my camera when I was waiting for the shows to start.”

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A Sentimental Wedding in a Most Treasured Setting

Though Bryson Schaeffer and Matthew Kennedy both attended Clemson University, shared a number of friends and attended many of the same parties, their paths never seemed to cross during college. Bryson’s first night back after graduation, she and a group of friends were set to go bowling and Matthew was among those there. Bryson says that Matthew challenged her to a bowling game … and she won! The two hit it off and became very close but they didn’t started officially dating until several months later.


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They got engaged a few years later in the most personal way — at home among their favorite things. Matthew’s love of pizza had become a bit of an obsession according to Bryson — and somewhat of a common occurrence. One evening after work, Matthew welcomed Bryson home to candles lit throughout the entire house and fresh pizza in the kitchen. They began to play the game they’d always played with pizza, where they would count to three, point and shout which piece they would eat first. But instead, Matthew pointed to Bryson and shouted, “I just want you!”

He took her hands and professed his love, quoting an episode of “Friends” (their favorite show) where Chandler proposed to Monica saying, “You make me the happiest man on Earth, and I want to spend the rest of my life making you feel the same way.” He then got down on one knee and proposed. She returned his enthusiasm with an absolute, “Yes, yes, yes!”

After announcing their engagement to family and friends, they began planning their perfect wedding day. They hired sisters Ruthie Bowlin & Russell Whitehead of Russell & Ruthie Events to help put everything in its place but Bryson had to finalize a few details on her own.

Choosing the wedding venue was an easy decision for Bryson, who wanted to be married in her grandparents’ backyard. “I have so many memories at their home. I grew up out there; it has such a special place in my heart.”

Once she checked that item off her list, the next step was finding the perfect prom dresses 2016. During an exhausting but exciting shopping day in Dallas, she fell in love with a Liancarlo dress but wasn’t ready to purchase it quite yet. She found the same dress at Maggie Louise Bridal later but she also found another Liancarlo she loved even more! She knew it was the one when she saw her mom crying. She said, “She hasn’t cried over a dress yet … this is it!” as they both began to cry.

Matthew and Bryson left the next morning for a tropical honeymoon in Costa Rica. A first-time visit for both of them, they brushed up on their Spanish before the trip and enjoyed speaking the language and learning more while there. The couple spent their week relaxing beach- and pool-side — except for one full day of adventure zip lining and other outdoor activities in the rain forest. We wish them a world of happiness in their lifetime adventure together!

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JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers’ Wedding Update: ‘The Bachelorette’ Couple Prepares For Wedding Special?

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are still together, busy planning for their highly anticipated wedding. Contrary to several reports, The Bachelorette couple did not call off the engagement and were, in fact, actually looking forward to doing a wedding special.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, JoJo Fletcher shared that Jordan Rodgers’ mom, Darla, had been helping her with the wedding preparations, sending her several wedding books for inspiration.

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“My mom is on it!” Rodgers said.

It seems like Rodgers’ mom is more excited about the wedding than Fletcher and Rodgers. SEC’s newest college football analyst admitted that they have yet to decide where the big day is going to take place. Given that they have families in both California and Texas, Fletcher said that it’s taking them longer to decide where the venue would be.

When asked if they were still open to doing a televised wedding special, The Bachelorette couple shared that it will always be an option. Fletcher, however, quickly added that they were still enjoying their time as an engaged couple and were in no rush to get married.

“Right now we’re just really enjoying being together. You know, it’s funny, we got to be together on the show, but we haven’t really dated. So this has been such a fun time to move into our first home together, and to go on dates.”

As they had an unconventional love story, to say the least, Rodgers and Fletcher shared that they take pleasure in doing the simplest of things, like going on date nights, exploring Dallas as a couple, finding new restaurants to try out.

“Going through normal life together, going through hard times, good times, just normalcy is really amazing. We’re enjoying it and having a blast,” Fletcher shared.

Although they have yet to discuss the specifics, Fletcher revealed that the wedding is definitely happening in 2017, either in March or October. The Bachelorette alum added that they have been talking about the big day a lot but refused to reveal any specifics. Fletcher, however, shared that they are both eager to start a family as soon as “the craziness settle down.”

“We agreed on three [kids]. We’re set on three, but we are going to enjoy our relationship… we are going to get married and then kids will follow after that,” she shared.

Amid the excitement surrounding Fletcher and Rodgers’ wedding special, Celeb Dirty Laundry claimed that fans should not get their hopes up, saying that the reality stars’ engagement was “basically doomed from the start.” The outlet further claimed that The Bachelorette couple has been putting up a façade on social media when the truth is they have long broken up. Fletcher is reportedly making the most out of her fifteen minutes of fame by clinging on to the relationship.

“JoJo has been on SnapChat and Instagram doing some major damage control and trying to convince either herself or the general public that she and Jordan Rodgers are happy and in a good place. In reality, Jordan’s true colors are starting to show, and rumor has it that the couple is no longer living together in Dallas but in SEPARATE homes.”

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