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Theatre wardrobe’s new, familiar faces


Greytown’s favourite wardrobe department is under new management, as one entertainer passes the torch to another.

Jean Mullany retired from her post just over a month ago, leaving the responsibility of looking after the Greytown Little Theatre’s extensive wardrobe to her assistant Rita Ann Penhale-Cashmore.

Mrs Penhale-Cashmore said her predecessor had given so much to the theatre.

Theatre wardrobe’s new, familiar faces

“She did all sorts of things.”

“She was like an impromptu theatre manager.”

Taking over the role of maintaining all the costumes is no small task, with hundreds of items lining the walls of the rooms that houses the clothes.

The wardrobe includes jackets, shirts, plus size evening dresses uk, ponchos, tuxedos, dress shoes and a myriad of hats.

“It felt like a huge responsibility because she had put so much of herself into the wardrobe,” Mrs Penhale-Cashmore said.

“It was very much her baby.”

“She was trusting me to look after it.”

Mrs Penhale-Cashmore said she had always had a passion for theatre.

“My father used to say I did my first acting role when I was four and I never stopped.”

She loved the costumes that helped bring a character to life.

“When I retired I could spend more time in theatres,” she said.

“This was the one where I was really taken with the wardrobe.”

The wardrobe serves a dual purpose, storing stage costume for shows alongside items that can be hired by the public. Knowing the difference between the two is essential.

“You can get away with things that are not in fantastic condition on stage,” Mrs Penhale-Cashmore said.

Sometimes that is the desired effect, not everyone has brand new clothes and the character might need tattered clothes to show he is down on his luck, she said.

“What you can get away with on stage is not what you can get away with walking down the street.”

When Mrs Penhale-Cashmore started helping at the theatre about nine months ago and found she loved helping people transform for special events.

They had someone come in who wanted to go to an ocean party, he wanted to dress up as a mermaid, she said.

They found something that could be hitched up to his armpits and helped him look “fantastic”.

Mrs Penhale-Cashmore has been joined in the store by Victoria Ross, who has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film.

Mrs Ross loves the style of the 1920s and keeps a watchful eye on op shops for things she can add to the wardrobe.

She said they have “something for everyone” in the store.

The pair agree that taking care of the theatre’s wardrobe makes you more aware of the little things.

“The little details can make something okay or fantastic,” Mrs Penhale-Cashmore said.

The store is open to the public on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10am – 1pm.

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Husband buy his wife a gastric band


Like most brides Gemma Daka had her insecurities on her wedding day however she was so embarrassed about her weight that she refused to look at her wedding pictures because of her size 24 wedding long formal dresses.

Gemma had previously attempted to get a gastric band on the NHS but had been rejected because at 47.2, her BMI was less than the 50 needed to qualify for NHS funding. So when the mum-of-two to Maisie, 10 and Bella, seven and her partner Flamur Daka married in August 2013, she was a size 24 and weight 21st.

When the 28-year-old saw her wedding snaps, she compared herself to "a whale in a gown" and because of her insecurity she accused her husband of looking at slimmer women. Gemma confessed: "On my wedding day, I forgot all about my bulging bingo wings.

"Then we went on honeymoon to Lanzarote and it was all sand, sea and you-know-what… But when I came home, I saw the professional photos.

"I was disgusted. 'I look absolutely horrendous. Like a whale,' I told Flam."

Gemma packed her wedding photos in a box and hid them away and even though she was ashamed of her weight she continued to overeat. She admitted that she adored junk food and would gorge on McDonald’s four times a week and a full English was a morning ritual, too.

"I’d have a couple of Wispa bars and a pack of biscuits, eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms and tomatoes every morning.

"Every time I tried to diet, I’d fall off the wagon," she recalled.

Gemma even admitted on nights out with her friends she was insecure: "My friends would wear bodycon size 12 dresses and would look fab.

"I wore jeans and a blazer it was obvious I was the odd one out."

She remembers the hurt she felt on one occasion when a man described her as a "fat cow eating a burger."

“I didn’t blame my pretty pals, it wasn’t their fault, but I was sick of my size. My calves were so big I couldn’t fit them into wellies.

“I couldn’t bear to go clothes shopping, because everything in my size looked like a tent.”

However, everything changed in September 2013, when her husband Flamur offered his wife a solution – £4,500 to go private and get a gastric band. He decided to give £4,500 - he had saved up for his dream car, a Mercedes – so his wife so she could get the surgery she wanted.

In December 2013, she underwent an hour-and-a-half long gastric band surgery at Dolan Park Hospital in Birmingham and within 13 months, she’d lost 10 stone and now weighs half the amount she weighed when she got married – 10 stone 6.

Now Gemma can eat solids, although she can only manage tiny portions. A week after surgery, she had lost a stone and by May 2014, she had bought her first outfit from the high-street – a size 14 dress for a wedding. Then in the August of 2014 she bought a bikini.

The mum-of-two admitted she's tried on her old wedding long prom dress– and was amazed by the difference: "I put it on and I laced it as tight as it would go and I still had to hold it up. That felt amazing."


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Strictly Come Dancing's Claudia Winkleman turns heads in sexy thigh-high split dress and red stilettos


Claudia Winkleman stunned in a seriously sexy red vintage prom dresses on Strictly Come Dancing tonight.

The presenter often shuns colours in favour of her trademark black.

Strictly Come Dancing presenters Claudia Winkleman (left) and Tess Daly

However, when she stepped out for the show's quarter finals this evening, the star opted for a bold shade of shimmering red.

As she sat down to interview the contestants and their professional dance partners, she gave viewers a glimpse of her toned legs.

Claudia teamed the frock with a pair of matching stiletto heels, which completed her look perfectly.

Those tuning in at home were quick to take to Twitter during the show to compliment the presenter on her flawless look.

Moments later, a different viewer commented: "@ClaudiaWinkle love your dresses every week gorgeous as always @bbcstrictly."

Shortly afterwards, another tweeted: "I love the red vintage evening dresses on @ClaudiaWinkle Nice to see her in a bit of colour #Strictly."

While Claudia stunned in her colourful ensemble, her co-host Tess Daly also looked gorgeous in an elegant monochrome number.


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