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People furious after Santa Claus is replaced by a DRAG QUEEN to sing Christmas carols at popular parade


One of Melbourne's most popular shopping districts has ditched Santa Claus in lieu of a dancing and singing drag queen to celebrate Christmas this year, infuriating Christians and traditionalists.

Chapel Street will transform its shopping precinct into a runway for drag queens and other eccentric entertainers every weekend afternoon right up until Christmas Day.

Popular drag queen Art Simone will be one of the show's main spectacles at the controversial show

Performers will lip sync to Christmas pop music from the back of luxury convertibles as part of their performance to the masses, the Herald Sun reports.

Popular drag queen Art Simone will be one of the main spectacles at the show.

The performer posted a photo on Instagram to her 21 thousand followers on Friday letting them know they could catch her 'Drag Queen Carolling every Saturday and Sunday'.

'Look out for the convertible blasting Christmas pop tracks!' she said.

She told Daily Mail Australia she understood the controversy, but implored it was time for a change; however uncomfortable it might be.

'Change may not be comfortable... But it's necessary,' she said.

'And let me tell you I wear some things to change me that are not comfortable but are ABSOLUTELY necessary!

'I adore Chapel Street and I'm glad I can help spread some Christmas Cheer the new Chapel Street style!'

Chapel Street Precinct Association marketing and events director Chrissie Maus said the switch-up was unashamedly outrageous and it was exactly what the precinct needed.

'I am sure traditionalists are not going to like or support this marketing, but this is about celebrating uniqueness and diversity. That's exactly what we need to be doing to put Chapel Street back on the map,' she told the Herald Sun.

And Ms Maus was not wrong.

Traditionalists emerged furious at the news, claiming Christmas was not a religious festival and people had no right to sour it with 'smut' and 'perversion'.

'Play Santa short prom dresses ups at the clubs, not in the streets,' one woman said.

'I can't even play the radio half the time from all the sexualised pus beaming into my kids ears, now you want to funk Christmas up with your smut. And why did there need to be a topless hunk up there?'

Another woman fired up claiming she was 'deeply offended'.

'As a Catholic I am deeply offended. As a person who believes people should leave other people's beliefs alone and stop trying to change them I am angered,' she said.

'It is a time to respect the birth of Jesus. If you are not Catholic or follow Christian traditions, fair enough, but leave it alone.'

Others thought the change was so absurd, they likened the performers and anyone who played a part in the event to perverts.

'Perverts should celebrate Christmas in the park bushes where they belong,' one man said.

'I will bring my baseball. Stop the perversion, our kids deserve better.'

One woman hit out at the event suggesting it be moved to any other time of year.

'No, not for Christmas. I like the fairy tale, (it is) the only time of year which is supposed to bring happiness and sharing. Could they please arrange this parade for another time of year. We can have two festivities,' she said.

'Getting mixed up with Mardi Gras I think, world's gone mad,' another man added.

While news of the controversial show garnered huge amounts of negative attention, that was exactly what marketing manager Ms Maus wanted.

Once one of Melbourne's most popular shopping districts, Chapel Street now has 44 vacant shops.

And as a desperate cry for help, the drag show was born.

'If we don't celebrate the uniqueness and bring back the difference we will be in a situation where we are bland and end up like Bridge Road,' she said.

Ms Maus also assured those concerned that the change would not encroach on Santa Claus appearances in other parts of Melbourne or Australia.

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See Every Gorgeous Look Gigi Hadid Wore to Host the AMAs


In accordance with the award show rule book, Gigi Hadid went through several cheap prom dresses changes while hosting the American Music Awards on Sunday (as did her co-host, comedian Jay Pharoah).

Last year's AMAs host Jennifer Lopez went through 15 outfits during the broadcast, and she had some advice for first-time host Gigi. "We did our research and J.Lo's team told us to do less changes," Gigi said on the pre-show red carpet. "I'm going with about half, but they're great looks and they're going to get a good amount of time."

Half of 15 actually turned out to be five, but who's counting? Here's everything Gigi wore at the AMAs:

Gigi hit the red carpet in an off-the-shoulder lace dress that had sleeves so long they covered her fingers. It hit on the trend, led by Beyoncé, of wearing bridal when it isn't your wedding.

2. Red One-Shoulder Dress by Atelier Versace

Gigi unexpectedly busted out a "Melania" impersonation at the start of the show, and she did it wearing a custom one-shoulder dress from Atelier Versace. Zayn Malik, who won the award for Best New Artist of the Year, attended the show wearing Versace as well.

3. Embellished Separates by Julien MacDonald

This blazer-shorts combo had lots of bedazzling and metallic fringe. Fun fact: Hailey Baldwin modeled this look on the runway during Julien MacDonald's spring 2017 show.

4. Tan Crocodile Dress by Julien MacDonald

When she hugged and kissed Zayn after he won Best New Artist of the Year, Gigi was wearing this modified version of a dress from Julien MacDonald's spring 2017 collection. The leather dress had side cutouts, a turtleneck, and a plunging illusion panel.

5. Black Turtleneck Dress by Nicolas Jebran

Selena Gomez Looks Stunning at the AMAsGigi wore a body chain or long necklace with this quilted black dress that had a high turtleneck, long sleeves, a deep keyhole cutout, and a high center slit in the skirt.


6. Glittery Jumpsuit by Atelier Versace

For her final look, Gigi wore a sheer, sparkly jumpsuit custom-made for her by Atelier Versace that had some athletic-wear details, like an elastic drawstring waistband.

Gigi looked comfortable the day before the show in this luxe yet lounge-y outfit by Juan Carlos Obando. Now that the show's over, she can go back to relaxing!

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Carolina Herrera: It would be "an honor" to dress Melania Trump


While a few designers have made news saying they would not long prom dresses the future first lady, Carolina Herrera said she’d be honored if Melania Trump wore one of her outfits.

The famed designer spoke about Trump on the red carpet before she received an honor of her own Tuesday night from the Women’s Leadership Council at Lincoln Center.

Unique Long Blue Tailor Made Evening Prom Dress (LFNAE0082)

Who might dress the wife of President-elect Donald Trump has become an issue after designers Sophie Theallet and Tom Ford -- who have both dressed first lady Michelle Obama -- said they wouldn’t do so for Mrs. Trump, a former model.

But when asked if she would, Herrera said, “Of course I will, as the first lady of this country I will. Of course.”

She added, “It is an honor to long evening dresses the first ladies of the country and it’s something to do for the United States. It’s not for myself. It’s for the public.”

Obama has worn Herrera while in the White House.

Herrera was lauded at the event for her 35 years of fashions by Emmy Rossum and Seth Meyers, among others. Diana Ross sang a mini-concert in Herrera’s honor, including hits like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “I’m Coming Out.”