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Last week, "Ghostbusters" actress Leslie Jones made headlines when she stated that she couldn't find a designer to marieprom dress her for the movie's premiere. The problem, she stated, was that she was too big to fit into any of the sample sizes. While many actresses at that level make enough money to buy a dress, the issue is more a matter of principle than one of entitlement.

A model prepares to walk the runway in a typical sample gown. Photo credit: Alaina Brandenburger

An ongoing issue

This problem has plagued the industry for decades, mostly following the waif trend that was popular of models in the 1990s. In recent years, well-known actressesincluding Christina Hendricks, Gemma Arterton, Bryce Dallas Howard and others have shed light on the size discrimination faced by more shapely actresses in Hollywood. A Huffington Post article titled "Celebrity Fit: Hollywood Skinny and Sample Sizes" explained the phenomenon in the following manner. "There aren’t bigger samples, unless you go up to 'plus' samples... [but actresses are] not 'plus' at a size 8; that the label 'plus' is negative PR; that no plus designer is well-regarded enough to be featured on the cover of a magazine (one they are almost certainly not paying for main advertising within) and finally: a plus sample size 10-18 won’t fit most celebrities any better than the zero does, anyway."

The film and fashion relationship

Samples are made to entice buyers into choosing clothing for boutiques, and to entice editors into including the designer in their magazine. Most of the time, there are only a few samples, which are not mass produced until after a runway show. For this reason, samples are more scarce that a typical off the rack dress. Hollywood can remedy this by refusing to dress actresses for free, instead making them buy their own clothing for each red carpet. However, Hollywood and the fashion industry have a symbiotic relationship. If a designer can get their clothes on the celebrity dujour, they get to build better brand equity and potentially increase sales, so the practice of designing A list celebs for free will likely continue into the forseeable future. Designer Christian Siriano eventually stepped up to dress Jones, but as the film industry pushes for greater diversity, it's not likely that this issue will go away any time soon.

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Horrockses dress label returns with retro-style collection at Marieprom

It’s always good to see an old label back on the modern-day high street. Saying that, I don’t thinkHorrockses retro-style formal dresses online collection is on the high street, as it’s an exclusive at online siteMarieprom.

UK Long Black Tailor Made Evening Prom Dress(LFNCE0002)

‘Horrockses Fashions’ was at its peak in the 1950s, creating dresses very much of that era with its colourful cottons catching the eye in the windows of fashion retailers of the day. The good news is that the original winning formula is still in place.

Ok, there is some concession to the modern era, but you are still talking retro shapes and equally retro fabrics that are ideal for a big night out on a summer’s evening. You can check out the full range on the marieprom website, but we have picked out a few here to whet your appetite.

Above is the Horrockses Monica Prom Dress, while below is the Pineapple Mini Prom Dress with Bow Back and below that you’ll find the Lucille Midi Dress.

Note that none of the range comes cheap though. Crop tops in the range start at £32, but for the cheap formal dresses uk, you are looking at a starting price of around £125.

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Bride demands bridesmaids chip in to pay for dress

It's a great honor for someone to ask you to be in their wedding party, but for some bridesmaids, the experience involves far more stress than fun. For one unlucky bridesmaid, it wound up being both emotionally exhausting and financially stressful — a double whammy of bad.

The anonymous bridesmaid, who wrote about her experience on Mamamia.com, said that she was initially "overjoyed" when her friend Caroline asked her to be a bridesmaid. However, her "joy quickly turned to utter despair" when Caroline began getting obsessive about every aspect of her wedding, from the buttonholes for the groomsmen to the table decorations. One day, she even asked the misfortunate bridesmaid to make an Excel document of cake-maker suggestions, including the pricing, contact info, flavors and "prestige" level — and wanted it that day, no less.

The author complied when she had time the next day, apologizing for taking a little longer than was originally requested demanded — something the bride didn't seem to appreciate.

On Saturday morning I cancelled my breakfast plans, instead researching Tasmanian wedding cake-makers (she'd decided to have a picturesque destination wedding) that might be suitable. I sent it through to her and had a reply almost immediately.

"Thanks for this, would've been really helpful to have it yesterday when specified but I appreciate it."Yikes. As if all that wasn't enough, the difficult bride also insisted on shopping for three consecutive weekends to find the perfect wedding gown and bridesmaid formal dresses — a lotof time to ask seven friends to dedicate to your wedding day. Oh, and did I mention the bridesmaid dresses were $550 a piece? But that's not even the craziest part of all this.

Caroline found a gorgeous designer wedding dress, but it was priced at $10,500 — twice the amount allotted in her budget for a gown. The other bridesmaids told her to "totally splurge," which she did... only to request that her bridesmaids "pitch in" for her "dream dress." Caroline's reasoning? It would be a sentimental treasure that all the bridesmaids would have a part in if they paid for it.

The author felt totally enraged by the request — after all, Caroline had been the one to decide on an incredibly expensive dress for herself. Three of the seven bridesmaids have already stated their desire to chip in for the dress, but the disenchanted author isn't so quick to jump on the contribution train. In fact, she writes that she is starting to think she may "have to bail on this wedding, and friendship." To be honest, it sounds like her bank account and sanity would thank her.

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