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Goodwill announces annual wedding dress, bridesmaids sale


It’s that time of year: the Goodwill Wedding Gala is happening in less than a month!

More than 500 wedding dresses and 400 bridesmaid gowns will be sold at discount, bargain prices on March 18.

The annual event will have wedding evening dresses between $99 and $399, and bridesmaids gowns will be sold between $19.99 and $49.99.

(Courtesy: Goodwill)

Brand names such as Monique Lhuillier, Tomasina and Amsale, and popular styles in short and long lengths and many colors and sizes, will be available.

Local bridal stores donated much of the merchandise.

“This sale is a once-a-year chance for brides-to-be and bridesmaids to find the evening gowns uk of their dreams at an amazing price,” said Goodwill Retail District Manager Jennifer Martin. “Goodwill’s entire stock of these dresses will be on the sales floor from the start of the sale, so shoppers should come early.”

Dresses, as well as jewelry and accessories, will be found in a featured section at the front of the store. Wedding-related vendors, such as salons, venue providers, photographers and caterers will also be on hand.


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Deepa Reddy, the designer who curates clothes for women as old as 80


A shopping sojourn with Deepa Reddy was something her aunts really looked forward to. Nobody (sometimes not even they themselves) were as keen as Deepa was to find the right fit, the perfect motif, and the accessories to go with those motifs whenever they had to buy clothes for weddings and such. It was hard work and satisfaction was a rare guest.

But inspiration certainly turned up. “Here I was ever willing to go on shopping expeditions and look for the right clothes for my mother and aunts...but finding the right clothes was easier said than done,” says Deepa. That’s when she began to mull about “starting something herself” to cater to the designer needs of women of all ages. That ‘something’ turned out to be Open Trunk, a multi-designer online portal for women’s clothing, which Deepa started a few months ago.

Designer wear for all ages

Open Trunk, like the name suggests, is a ‘pitaara’ of textiles and designs. The portal, in a first of sorts, is providing a platform for over 40 designers from all over India to showcase their collections on one platform. Also, the designers have the space to launch portal-exclusive lines that will cater to women of all ages, with a special focus on those over 50 years.

"Our collections reflect the changing style trends among older women. It no longer means that once you hit 45 or 50, you have to stick to your home or step out only in heavy kanjeevarams, though there is nothing wrong in those," says Deepa. At Open Trunk, there are kanjeevarams too, apart from other seven yards silks; but there are also several variations such as the 'jacket over saree', long silk tunics, kurtas in rich colours like ochre, mustard and 'rani pink' with traditional mango motifs and Indo-western cut and style.

Ethnic weaves, handloom sarees, and kurtas are also a big part of the collection as are blouses, midi-cheap prom dresses, salwars, and the ubiquitous waistcoat. Happily enough, the website offers ‘style help’ for its customers who might be wary of designer stuff or might be trying it out for the first time. "Since we cater to all ages, our aim is to make it easy for the customers – we offer them suggestions according to their body shape and the kind of occasion they are looking to buy for," says Deepa. She has also got real women to model the collections and this certainly gives the whole enterprise a feeling of authenticity.

So what do older women look for? "Women are on the move; they are strong, they are individualistic and that is exactly what they want their clothes to reflect," believes Deepa. Hence, fabrics such as organza and georgette often make an appearance. These cool fabrics with their light, breezy texture translate into easy, contemporary wear. "Pair them with a light jadav earring and that's all you need to look elegant for an evening out," she says.

Older women are looking to wear salwars that do not hang on them; sarees that do not make them look like they are at a wedding – they are looking to experiment with Indo-western wear such as long tunics, jackets, and midi-prom dresses cheap but not many have recognised or understood their need, believes Deepa. She believes the USP of the portal, apart from its appeal to the older generation, lies in its combination of easy access and exclusivity. "You get to choose from collections by over 40 designers and yet each piece is handpicked and has no replica. We customise, of course, if the customer is looking for a particular size, but otherwise, we do not mass produce," she says.


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There Was Not a Single Dress at Thom Browne Fall 2017


Thom Browne based his Fall 2017 collection around a term usually applied to German high art: Gesumptkunstwerk, or a piece of total art. After being introduced to the word by his partner, Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton, Browne hoped to create a totally immersive experience for his expectant audience. "I wanted everyone to feel like they were a part of the show, as opposed to watching the show," he said backstage following the presentation.

Thom Browne color AW 17 1

The same could probably be said of any of his shows. But this year, Browne, never one for celebrity pomp and circumstance, did not even bother with a front row, however pared back they may have been in the past (last year, Whoopi Goldberg and Tavi Gevinson put in appearances). Instead, he staged an elaborate set that looked like a frozen pond in midwinter, albeit one constructed out of bits of wool and houndstooth. "I grew up in the country and I thought it was nice to almost reference Amish quilts and that patchwork," Brown explained. The patchwork motif showed up on outerwear and in the quilted feel of the pond itself, with panels of gray and ivory. Cattails bobbled around the edges and oars lay discarded in the hull of a rowboat; creatures like something out of Game of Thrones stood sentry in the four corners of the gallery where Browne staged his show, bearing faintly glowing orbs in each hand. A plush dog, a stand-in for Browne's beloved Hector, sat in a rowboat, and penguins dotted the set and on the clothes that followed.

Like Browne's menswear collection that showed in Paris last month, the New York womenswear show was also a meditation on the art of tailoring; in the first of three movements, soundtracked by Wagner, the models tottered out in neatly tailored gray ensembles, their lips covered in patches of wool with exaggerated eyebrows and trailing yarn braids to match. On their feet, scaffolded platforms were attached to resemble ice skates—a few of the models bobbled slightly, as they were actually trying to walk on skates. Though the collection featured no fewer than 50 looks (Browne professed he had been encouraged to edit down, but couldn't), there was nary a cheap prom dresses in sight—and, indeed, one fur coat read "... It's Too Cold for a Dress ..." across the back. "Tailoring can be as feminine and as sexy as a dress," Browne said.

Instead, there were Bermuda shorts cuffed at the knee, neat trousers, and skirt suits in shades of gray; and, as the music gave way to Kraftwerk, the runway made room for bolder colors and more playful outerwear, like a fur coat adorned with a pastoral scene in primary colors.

Gesumptkunstwerk is also a term that has been applied to both Wagner and Kraftwerk. During the third movement, Marilyn Manson's "The Dope Show" came tearing through the speakers while edgier, all-black ensembles—the Thom Browne version of black tie—meandered onto the ice rink. "He lives his life as a piece of art," Browne said of Manson. He added quickly that no, he did not listen to Marilyn Manson while designing this collection.

During the finale, the Thom Browne bride, a more playful woman than her Chanel analogue, glided onto the ice in a down overcoat with a fur "No cheap prom dresses uk" button pinned to her lapel, with an attendant bearing the quilted down train trailing her. They made their lap of the rink, and then it was time to head indoors, where a cup of hot cocoa likely awaited.