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4 Wedding photographers reveal their favourite photos of the bride and groom

'I have chosen the attached wedding photo as my recent favourite. I took this photo last Saturday, it was a wedding ceremony in Mayfair Library and I was commissioned by Splento.

This is after the ceremony in the near by park. I took the couple for a walk to do a portrait session. So this is their first walk after they are officially together and they are so happy that it happened and released that the formal ceremony is over. She is holding his arm and you can just see the new ring on her hand. The sun was shining and we got lovely backlight it looks like they are walking in a dream and it really was a magic moment for them.'



Dani Metaz. 'From all the photos that I have taken, this one is my favourite. I think it shows the exact moment when after all the stress and the hustle of a wedding day, it gives way to the joy and happiness. It's vibrant and colourful as well, and anyone can relate to it because the focus is in the confetti and not in the bride and groom.'

Steve Edwin. 'I love the surprises that weddings throw up, and the reaction from this couple at a revelation during the Best Man's speech was wonderful to capture.'

Giulia Legora. 'This photo is important for me, first of all because it is from the first wedding I shot, but also because of the story behind it. It was the wedding of Joy, English born in London, and Angelo, Italian born in Turin. They decided to get married after 25 years together and two daughters. I like the joy in their faces during this little moment of relax before the restaurant. It was a very intimate wedding with lots of special moments'.

Special events can live on in your memory forever, especially if you had an excellent photographer to capture the most precious moments of your life. Based in London, Splento provides great quality professional photographers for any occasion even at short notice. Splento offers its clients affordable prices, professional photographers skillfully portray the emotions, characters and fun of everyone involved in your photo shoot, creating wonderful memories that you can cherish forever.

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Terminally Ill Bride Given Two Years To Live Fulfills Dying Wish To Marry Childhood Sweetheart

A terminally ill 20-year-old has had her dream come true after marrying her childhood sweetheart.

Brave Natalie Turner, who is battling a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma, tied the knot with John Daniells on Saturday - fulfilling her dying wish.


The young hairdresser looked stunning in a sleeveless white marieprom dress as she was walked down the aisle by her mum Denise at the ceremony in Portsmouth Marriott Hotel, Hants.

She said: “It’s a very special day and a dream come true. It’s amazing to be able to marry the love of my life.

“The support from all of my family and friends means so much.”

Natalie, who celebrated her 20th birthday on Friday, has been with John, 22, for five years - the pair met playing basketball.

John, who works for Rolls Royce, proposed to Natalie on her birthday last year, and they were originally planning to get married on her 21st birthday.

But the wedding plans had to be pushed forward due to Natalie’s health.

Natalie, from Portsmouth, Hants, first noticed something was wrong when she started experiencing pains in her leg.

Initially she thought it was because she was on her feet all day, but when her calf and foot swelled to more than twice their normal size she knew she needed to get it checked.

She was later diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, and needed a lower leg amputation to remove the melon-sized tumour on her ankle and save her life.

Despite having her lower leg removed, Natalie refused to let it hold her back and even completed the Race for Life in Portsmouth on crutches last summer.

Natalie was given the all clear in October, but just four months later she learned the cancer had tragically returned and spread to her lungs.

She was told that without treatment she would have just six months to live, so she is now having chemotherapy in a bid to prolong her life for up to two years.

The emotional wedding ceremony was attended by 54 family members and friends. Natalie’s two sisters Stacey, 22, and Rachel, 17, were her bridesmaids, and her two young cousins Scott, 6, and Oliver, 5, were the page boys.

The evening reception was attended by around 200 people at the hotel, which paid for the occasion after running a wedding contest.

An emotional Denise, 48, who is now Natalie’s full-time carer, said: “This day means everything to Natalie and the family.

“It’s definitely a dream come true for everyone, to be able to share this special day with her.

“It’s been something special for her to think about and taken the focus off the cancer.”

She added: “Natalie and John met playing basketball together. John used to play basketball and Natalie turned up to a match one day and he smacked her in the the head with the ball and that was that.”

Natalie, John and Denise will fly out to Disneyland Paris tomorrow in a group of 13 family members to celebrate the wedding.

John, from Southsea, Hants, added: “It was an amazing moment.

“It’s the wedding of the year, as everyone has said. Natalie just looked absolutely amazing.

“I can’t really describe how beautiful she looked. It was the best day of our lives.”

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Bride is given a standing ovation after surprising her wedding guests by RAPPING an incredible version of Ice Ice Baby

A newly wed bride stole the show on her big day by launching into a rap of Ice Ice Baby during the wedding breakfast speeches.

Proud husband Aiden Dwyer, from Mayo, Ireland, posted the entertaining video of Ina O'Brien's sing-along on his Facebook page where it's had more than 172,000 views.

Replaces lyrics with: 'Straight to the point there's no faking. We were meant to be there's no mistaking'

photos:prom dress shops

In the clip, Ina can be seen holding a microphone while rapping - adding her own lyrics to the 1991 Vanilla Ice tune, including, 'I'm his wife now baby', and 'Straight to the point there's no faking. We were meant to be there's no mistaking.'

The crowd seem to love it as they clap along, and she even lets out a few whoops as she gets into it.

Ina bops along to the beat and two groomsmen just behind her get their swag on too as backing dancers.

They look just the part despite their ties and waistcoats as they put on shades and their hands in their pockets.

Ina gets a standing ovation by her dining companions before asking for a drink, declaring: 'This bride is out.'

Her new husband Aiden gets up to give her a long hug.

The proud groom was so chuffed he shared the evidence on Facebook for all to see.

With 95 comments, 290 shares and more than 320 likes and reactions, it's certainly proved a hit.

Oh my god Ina unreal fair play to ya it's brilliantThe three-minute clip has been viewed 172,000 times.

Carol Hegarty commented: 'This is actually brilliant', while Eilish Egan added: 'Absolutely fantastic. Best yet. Well done. & congratulations Aidan & Ina.'

Helen Conlon said: 'Amazeballs!!' and Amy Ní Mhurchú added: 'Oh my god Ina unreal fair play to ya it's brilliant.'

Claire Hulston added: 'That's brilliant Ina. How did you get the nerve to do that?' while Leon Costello said: 'Wow Ina O Brien, delighted for you!! I hope to get back stage tickets when your famous.'

Catherine Kitty Mangan said, quite perfectly: 'Brilliant!! You have your hands full there Aidan !! All the best for a long and happy future together x'

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