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Top five reasons to host your wedding at a banquet hall

Top five reasons to host your wedding at a banquet hall

Otello’s Banquet & Convention Centre in Oakville, Ontario, has been hosting important celebrations and get-togethers for families, friends, and business professionals for 35 years.

They are especially known for theirbeautiful weddings. They can guide you through the entire planning process, providing expert advice that is backed by years of experience producing unique and memorable weddings.

When considering what type of venue to select for your big day, there are several important factors to consider.

Top five reasons to host your wedding at a banquet hall:

1. It’s all about you.

Having your celebration at a banquet hall ensures a boutique-style wedding. Meaning yours will be the only party happening there. When an establishment focuses on just one event at a time the entire facility is yours to enjoy, and you will not have to share the time, resources, and attention of staff. You and your guests are guaranteed a much higher level of service.

2. No more running around.

At an established banquet hall everything is ready for you right on site. You won’t have to run around securing different vendors, learning the ins and outs of their policies, coordinating delivery details, or communicating between suppliers.

3. Access to a ready-made talent pool.

A banquet hall saves you from having to find and hire separate businesses to do each job that is required to throw a successful wedding celebration. This list quickly becomes a long one, as most couples find. It can be remarkably time-consuming and frustrating trying to find just the right vendor – let alone 10 – to make your day and your wedding dreams complete.

4. Easy, straightforward pricing.

An all-inclusive package is so much simpler and stress-free than having to shop around, negotiate prices for separate services and keep a tally on your growing price list. Just choose the package that suits you best.

5. Experienced vendors you can trust.

Not only are all of the vendors under one roof in a banquet hall, they are specially selected performers with a proven track record. You won’t have to wonder if a vendor can deliver on their promise. At Otello’s you’ll have access to a tried-and-true professional photographer, DJ, and limo services, all in-house.Read more at:www.marieprom.co.uk/short-prom-dresses

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He won’t get married, but Cuomo can now officiate your wedding

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, almost jealously noting that he wasn’t allowed to perform marriages the way other elected officials could, yesterday sought — and won — that right.

The new law went into ­effect immediately — not coincidentally, right before this weekend’s Gay Pride Parade.

Lawmakers said Cuomo’s request came at the 11th hour and was approved by the Legislature as an amendment tucked into a massive bill that finally brought the contentious Capitol session to an end.

The measure also covers former governors, so David Paterson, George Pataki and hooker-loving Eliot Spitzer might soon be getting a few unexpected calls from couples seeking wedded bliss.

Cuomo said he actually got the idea to become the state’s hitcher-in-chief a few years ago, after signing into law the Marriage Equality Act of 2011, which legalized same-sex nuptials in New York.

“After we passed the Marriage Equality law, which we’re all very proud of in this state, I’ve had a number of requests to conduct marriages,” Cuomo said Thursday at an Albany press conference.

“Many people are [allowed to] under the law. Judges are. Mayors are. I’ve had a number of requests. I didn’t have the legal authority to do a ceremony.”

The governor said that got him thinking.

“Some of these marriages are very meaningful to me personally, and I’d like the opportunity to officiate. I don’t have any particular marriages in mind.

“Anyone who’s interested, let me know,” he said, joking with reporters.

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D-Bronx) mentioned Cuomo’s odd request in a closed-door meeting with rank-and-file Democrats Thursday afternoon.

The request drew support — and some laughter.

“Go marry yourself, [Cuomo]!” shouted one snarky Assembly member.

Heastie quipped, “If somebody was ever to be unlucky enough to have to be with me, I don’t know if I would want him to be the one [to marry us].”

Assemblyman Matthew Titone (D-SI), a co-sponsor of the Marriage Equality Act and the first gay New York elected official to marry after it was approved, quipped that Cuomo was in the wrong business.

“My advice to the governor is there’s more money to be made in divorce,” Titone chuckled.

But he also said Cuomo and his girlfriend, celebrity chef Sandra Lee — who are not married — would be a hit on the wedding circuit.

“That would be the whole package,” Titone said. “I’m sure [she’ll] do well as a wedding-events planner.”

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Local Designers Ripped The Runway At Style Week 2015

Guests sat on both sides on the runway eagerly awaiting the featured fashion lines, as Saint's CEO Deiwght Peters began the formalities with the cadets from the Caribbean Maritime Institute - dressed in their white uniforms escorting the 'it girls' of the moment - Kai Newman and Tami Williams.


In the first segment, the runway dazzled with the collections from T&T with their fashionable wedding dresses, Nina with red and black crochet designs, and Heather Laine with her line of long semi-formal dresses.


Intermission gave guests a well-needed reprieve from the glitz and glam of the runway to refresh themselves before the final lines for the night.


Leading the second segment was Tanya with her Shades of Africa designs, followed by André Shirley's pieces for men and women of style.


Pebbles King presented her version of a fashionable wedding dress line with a Spring of Fashion theme, closing with a variety of green and black blend of audaciously tight-fitting evening wear.


International Mecca of Style



photo:evening dresses online cheap


"Fashion is art. Art is fashion," exclaimed Peters as he commenced the late-starting second night, International Mecca of Style, on Saturday, May 24. The exceptional works of art at The National Gallery of Jamaica in downtown Kingston, provided the perfect backdrop for the collections of the Caribbean?s trend-setting designers, worn by the world?s top models.


Starting the showcase was the exciting and titillating collection from Courtney Washington. The pieces for women consisted of mainly maxi dresses - in colours inspired by the sea - that transformed the models into Greek goddesses featuring easy, breezy fabrics, plunging necklines and risqué slits.


Celebrating 30 years in the industry and one of the stunning Style Week ambassadors, Sophia Max Brown, had male models strutting their stuff in apparel from Boss and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few. Mixing and matching colours, prints and fabrics, the young studs were luxurious in their attire as they sent chills up the spins of those present.


Inspired by the Motherland, Africa, pieces from the self-taught Bahamian designer Kejuana Beneby graced the stage. Talk about bold, funky, and eccentric. Beneby captured them all in his line.


Winner of the 2015 Campari Avant Garde Designer competition and Mission Catwalk Season 4, Kurt Campbell, gave fashionistas a feast with his Shades of Contradiction. With an unexpected mix of prints and patterns, Campbell used layers of fabric to create sophisticated pieces complemented by pearls and Cinderella's Hats.


Notably one of Jamaica?s most celebrated stylists, fresh from a project with Nick Cannon, Dexter '3D' Pottinger was back on the runway with his new collection. Dubbed The Momentum Uutilised, like most designers of the evening, a mix and match of fabrics, as well as greys, blacks, and cool animal prints were intertwined for a military look.


Closing the two-hour show was Gregory 'HOD' Williams of Mission Catwalk fame. They saved the best for last as this extraordinary collection created a mid-century vibe with uniquely sexy nudes and lace.

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