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Korean Rumor: Huawei P50 Series will be Arriving with Samsung and LG’s Screen in 2021

According to the Korea media The Elec, Huawei is going to release the newest mobile phone P series at the beginning of 2021. The Huawei P50 features of a powerful display screen, which is sponsored by Samsung and LG.


More details about this new Huawei P50 model still have not come yet, but Samsung and LG have been busing supplying the OLED display screens. Rumors also leaks that the Huawei P50 will perform with Kirin 9000 CPU core chip. Besides, the newest Huawei Mate series will launch following the P50 series’ step. Early news reports that Huawei are planning to offer 4400 million smartphones to the mobile market, which is closely to Samsung’s Galaxy S series and Note series’ on 4450 million in 2019. Huawei has become the only one mobile phone manufacturer who has its own developed CPU processor in China, just like Samsung and Apple.


The reality about this news are still being questioned, but Huawei has made the great improvement on its mobile technology. We are looking forward the coming of this new Huawei model. For more about mobile phone news of 2021, please follow us on Etrade Supply blog. Besides, you may go to our shop for Huawei swappable parts, repair tools or components if you are interested. Here we have Huawei P30 LCD screen and digitizer, Huawei rear cameras and other parts. Contact us if you have interests. 



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How to Tear Down the Huawei P30 Lite to Replace the Loudspeaker

Huawei P30’s loudspeaker is on the bottom side of the phone body. This is a replaceable part that can be taken off by tearing down the battery door. Here Etrade Supply will demonstrate the process on how to tear down the Huawei P30 Pro for loudspeaker replacement. Hope this could be useful to you if you like smartphone repair.

1. Tear down the battery door and remove the wireless charging coil

Power off the phone firstly. Eject and take out the SIM card tray. Use hot air gun to blow the battery door edge and each corner with 40℃. Separate and take off the battery door with suction cup pulling and ultra-thin plastic sheet slicing. Gently pry and remove the battery door. Tear off the battery door adhesive glue on the frame, unbolt and remove the ten screws for fixing the wireless charger. Pry and take off the wireless charger module from the phone. 

2. Take down the loudspeaker and replace the new one

Disconnect the battery flex cable first, then loosen the seven screws on the bottom. Remove the metal panel for fixing the charging port PCB board. Disconnect the loudspeaker flex cable, and unplug the signal wire cable from the loudspeaker module. Pry and take off the loudspeaker from the phone with tweezers. Place the new Huawei P30 Lite loudspeaker onto the original place. Connect the flex cable and the signal wire port on it. Place the metal shield and fix the loudspeaker with the seven screws. Connect the battery flex cable back, install the wireless charger, and fix it with the ten screws on it.

3. Test the new loudspeaker and assemble the phone

Turn on the phone and test the new loudspeaker function. Try to play music or video and volume up to check if it is OK. Turn off the phone again. Clear off the reminding adhesive glue on the battery door. Apply a new batter door adhesive tape on the frame. Make sure the position is right, tear off the PVC protector, and assemble the Huawei P30 Lite battery door back on to the phone. Slightly press to make sure it is closely sealed. Insert the SIM card tray back. All process is finished.

The process demonstrated above is about how to replace Huawei P30 Lite loudspeaker, it also works on other Huawei P30 series. The Huawei P30 battery door is easy to be broken and it requires our patience and carefulness during the procedure. Anyway, you may leave your message to us if you have questions about Huawei repair, or go to Etade Supply for Huawei P30 series such as Huawei P30 Pro parts and components if you are interested.


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How to Tear Down Huawei P30 Pro for Rear Cameras Replacement

The Huawei P30 Pro rear-facing camera module is a replaceable part. When our Huawei P30 phone is crashed, water damaged, and the cameras are broken, we need to replace the rear camera module. This is the repair process presentation of how to replace the Huawei P30 Pro rear-facing cameras we would like to show you below. Hope this would be useful to you if you are interested in smartphone repair.


1. Tear down the battery door and take off the wireless charging coil

Turn off the phone first. Use hot air gun to blow on the back panel edge and each corner. Paste the suction cup on the battery door, slowly pull it. Use hard plastic plectrum to slice around and separate the battery door from the phone. Take it off after it is totally separated. Unbolt and remove the ten screws for fixing the wireless charging coil. Tear off the remaining frame adhesive glue, pry and take the wireless charging coil off.


2. Take down the broken rear camera module and replace with the new one

Disconnect the battery flex cable first to avoid short-circuit damage to other components. The Huawei P30 Pro rear camera module is consists of two parts. Disconnect the under part camera flex cable and take it off the phone. Remove the rubber protector on the rear camera with tweezers, take off the small metal shield for fixing the flex cable and then disconnect the camera flex cables. Take off another camera model from the phone. Place the new Huawei P30 Pro rear-facing camera module onto the phone. Just be careful and don’t leave any dust or dirt, fingerprint on the camera lens. Connect the flex cable and fix the cable with the small metal shield. Place the rubber protector back. Install another camera module back, too.        


3. Test the new cameras’ function and assemble the phone

Connect the battery flex cable firstly. Install the wireless charger chip back and fasten the ten screws. Turn on the phone and open the camera to check the new replaced camera’s function. Make sure it is working all normally. Turn off the phone again. Tear off and clean out the remaining adhesive on the Huawei P30 Pro battery door. Apply the new frame adhesive tape on the frame, make sure it is in the exact position. Assemble the battery door back to the phone, make sure it is closely attached to the back frame. All process is finished.  


The whole steps above are demonstrated by our professional repair team. It will take you a longer time if you are not familiar with Huawei phone repair. Also, we need to be careful and patient during the repair process. Finally, we recommend you our new Huawei P30 LCD display screen and digitizer, as well as some replacement parts if you are running a repair shop. Come to Etrade Supply if you are looking for smartphone parts.
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