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Stuff's wedding of the week

It was a matchmaking effort that truly struck gold. Tom popped the question knelt on a carpet of rose petals and the wedding was just as picturesque, with an emotional reveal on the big day that sparked lots of tears.

But we'll let Ingrid fill you in on all the romantic details . . .

How did you meet? Tom and I were introduced in June 2010 by our wonderful friends Kellie and Brendan, who are now engaged themselves. Tom and Brendan have been friends since high school and Kellie and I became friends in our first year at university.

They had not been dating long when they decided to hook up their friends – It was a success (eventually)! Brendan was Tom's best man and Kellie was my bridesmaid. It was very special to have them both by our sides on our big day.

Tell us about the proposal: It was incredible. Tom proposed in April 2013, when we were one year into a two-year stint of long distance due to work commitments. I was on my way to Wellington to see him for the weekend.

Tom had filled our apartment with tealight candles and the floor was covered in rose petals. When I walked in the door Tom got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Through my tears of happiness I said yes!

Location of wedding: Our wedding was held in Hawke's Bay. We were married in St Martin's, the chapel of my secondary school, Iona College. We then had a marquee on the front lawn of my family home just south of Havelock North.

Describe your wedding day: Words don't do our wedding justice. It was a truly beautiful day with so many personal touches. It was described as a wedding of simplicity and elegance. We were floating on cloud nine from the beginning and we still are. I had dreamed of my wedding day from the age of 5, and it was everything I had ever wished for and more.

                                                                                                            Tom and Ingrid.


The dress: My dress was beautiful. The very talented Robyn Bastin from Hawke's Bay made it, along with the dresses of the bridesmaids and my mum. Robyn had made my ball dress at high school and it was lovely to have her make my elegant wedding dress too. I also wore my mum's veil which was very special.

The flowers: We had my favourite – sunflowers. Belinda from Flowerlands did our flowers and we just loved them. The bridal party bouquets, large reception arrangements and buttonholes were all beautiful and perfectly arranged.

Highlight of the wedding: That's a tough question! The whole day was truly a highlight. I would have to say though that being surrounded by so many friends and family members was incredible. The day oozed love and happiness and it was such a wonderful feeling.

Our wedding day was also the end of our long-distance relationship, as I had found a job in Wellington and was 'coming home'. Knowing that we didn't have to say goodbye at the end of the day meant a lot.

Was there any drama? Thankfully there was none. However there were a couple of very special friends that unfortunately couldn't make it due to terminal illness which was very sad. We were sure to mention them and toast them though, which made them feel included in our day.

The honeymoon: Tom and I were off on our OE with our good friends, followed by settling in London for two years, so we decided to go on a wee mini-moon.

We borrowed a friend's campervan and headed north. We made it right up to Cape Reinga and explored the top of the North Island. It is beautiful up there and was so nice to spend the week together and then return home to Wellington!

Your photographer and favourite photo? Our photographer was Michelle Fey for Eva Bradley Photography. I had followed her work for years, so when my turn came to ask her to photograph my wedding I was very excited.

Michelle is so talented and made us all feel at ease and comfortable. We are so incredibly happy with all of our photos.

My favourite shot would be of Tom on the morning of the wedding reading the card I had written for him. It told him that I had found a job in Wellington and was coming home with him. He got a bit emotional! It's a shot I will treasure forever but have been told by my proud hubby not to share online!

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Prom drama: See why this honor roll student fought the dress code... and won

"It made me feel good and I get to attend my prom," Love, of Monroe, Louisiana, told TODAY. "I feel like I stood up for something I felt which wasn't right. Now later on, other people won't have a problem with it. It won't be an issue. It won't make people feel bad."


Courtesy Claudetteia Love


High school senior Claudetteia Love never wears dresses; they're just not her style. She was going to have to skip her prom because of a rule that said girls had to wear gowns to the dance.


Her hard work in high school landed her on the honor roll four years straight and earned her a free ride to college. But Love stood to miss THE event of senior year because students were told that girls had to wear dresses to the prom.


In a case that drew national attention, Love and her mom pushed back and won the right for the 17-year-old who eschews dresses to wear a custom burgundy and black tuxedo for next week's prom.


Love, who is gay, hopes the school's reversal will help other kids who want to wear a different kind of formal look to the prom.


"You don't have to be gay to want to wear a tux or be comfortable," she said. "It's what you want to be comfortable in and what you feel you would look good wearing."


Love can count on one hand the number of times she has worn dresses. "They've never been for me," Love says.


She was planning on skipping the dance rather than put on a gown, and felt the rule, coming at a time when it's not uncommon to see female celebrities wearing designer dinner suits, was unfair and discriminatory.


Actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend the EE British Academy Film Awards


photo:cocktail dresses uk


Getty Images file


If it's good enough for Angelina Jolie... one Louisiana public high school was forced to reverse a policy saying girls couldn't tuxes to prom.


"I'm trying to celebrate the fact that I've done everything I had to do to graduate, and it hurt my feelings," Love said. "It felt like they didn't want to let me do it the way I wanted to."


Her mother, Geraldine Jackson, saw her daughter was upset and she asked the Carroll High School principal, Patrick Taylor, why her daughter couldn't wear a tuxedo. She told TODAY he replied, "Girls wear dresses, boys wear tuxes and that's the way it is."


Jackson called it "straight-out discrimination," and felt the rule was anti-gay.


"I thought that was old-fashioned and crazy because these days, kids have changed," said Jackson, 44. "Kids have changed and the world has changed."


Vanessa Adams Photography


In this photo from L.A. clothier Sharpe Suiting, which is making a free custom tux for Claudetteia, Sharpe model and client April Galindo wears a navy three-piece tuxedo with contrast black satin lapel.


The reversal came last week after the school board received a phone call from the U.S. Justice Department about the dress policy, according to school board president Bishop Rodney McFarland, who championed Love's case. "They didn't approve of it," he said.


That led to a meeting with Love, her mom, McFarland and the principal, who reversed the policy, McFarland said. Love said the principal apologized at the meeting. The superintendent then announced a district-wide policy, McFarland said.


Brent Vidrine, superintendent of Monroe City Schools, did not return a message to TODAY. He toldThe News-Star newspaper: "The policy was reevaluated and students will be allowed to wear the formal wear of their choice to the prom."


Jackson noted that not everybody would stand up for their beliefs as her daughter did. "I am so proud of her," she said.


While some districts have tried to ban same-sex prom dates or certain attire, others have embraced gay couples and crowned them as homecoming royalty.


The National Center for Lesbian Rights was working with Love and prepared to take legal action if needed, said Asaf Orr, a staff attorney for the center, who called a restriction on tuxedos for girls illegal.


Love plans to attend her prom with a group of friends, not a date. She's excited to be stepping out on April 24 in a tuxedo being made free of charge by Sharpe Suiting, a Los Angeles-based company that makes gender neutral, custom dresswear. Here's an example of one of their custom tuxedos:


Shannon Deane is wedding party ready in her custom tux inspired suit with black satin contrast lapels, and dboule breasted pinstripe vest. Mix it up! 3


Sharpe SuitingCustom Sharpe Suits!"She's drawn a lot of inspiration inside and outside of the community with her courage," said Leon Wu, Sharpe's founder and CEO.


That inspiration, Wu said, has led his company, along with footwear maker NiK Kacy, to donate a prom look to an LGBTQ student every year in Love's honor.


"The fact this is becoming more and more prevalent, it's just a great thing and we want to be able to celebrate it," said Wu, who was born female, identifies as gender-neutral and uses male pronouns to refer to himself. He said he wished he could have worn a tux instead of a gown to his prom years ago. "We're hoping it's going to encourage students to be proud of who they are."


While Love feels that society has bigger problems to tackle than what people wear, she is pleased that her case may help others.


"There are more issues in the world and things that need to be done," said Love, who plans to study chemistry at Jackson State University on a full scholarship.


"But I feel that it was good because more people are open to it now and it probably helped a lot of people maybe who didn't have the confidence to do something," she added. "There's a lot of people in the world who are ashamed of who they are."


Lisa A. Flam, a regular contributor to TODAY.com, is a news and lifestyles reporter in New York. Follow her on Twitter.

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Homemade fruit masks

Homemade fruit masks
(Photo: orange evening dress)

Fruit masks are now the in thing. With the vitamins and minerals present in fruits it immediately gives a boost to your skin. So this summer eat lots of fruits and now even apply them.

Banana: You can use a banana as an all-natural, homemade facial mask that moisturizes your skin and leaves it looking and feeling softer. Mash up a medium-sized ripe banana into a smooth paste. Gently apply it to your face and neck. Let it set for 10 to 20 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water.

Tomato: This helps a lot in clearing the scarring and pimples also. Rub a thin slice of tomato on your face. Let it dry then wash with cold water or you can also squeeze a tomato and apply on your skin. The seeds give a scrubbing action while you wash it off.

Grape pulp: You can apply it to get rid of blemishes and minor acne. Mash the grapes to obtain the pulp of the fruit. Apply onto your face and leave on till it dries. Then wash it off.


Papaya pulp: This natural face mask is wonderful for tanned skin. It rejuvenates skin and makes it glow. Take a ripe papaya, and scoop out the pulp. Massage on to damp skin for 15-20 minutes and wash it away. Read more here:backless formal dresses

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