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What Cause the iPad LCD Screen Backlight dim and How to Fix it

This is a problem our customers complain about most in our shop. Some new replaced LCD screens are dim when we turn on the iPad. The same problem has happened on iPhone screens before, and we consume the issue to be the backlight circuit problem. How could this happen to the LCD screens? Can this problem be fixed? Here we would like to discuss it with you here.

Firstly, we have to know something about an iPad or iPhone LCD screen’s composition. The LCD screen is totally consists of eight layers, but only the three layers related closely to the image forming and animation on the screen. The backlight is one of these three layers. It is an LED light panel that allows the phone screen to be seen in the dark. When this light panel fails for lighting up, you will see a very dark screen and dim images, which can only seem under strong light. The reasons why this happened are complicated. For one side, some of the low-quality LCD screens are manufactured from third-party factories. These high copy screens are not matched with the original screens on the electrical characteristics. The high copy screen requires much more electric power loss than the original screen. When the backlight circuit is overloaded, it would be damaged and not work. On the other side, damages to the iPhone or iPad screens may cause the iPad screen backlight panel to fail for lighting up after iPad LCD screen replacement.      

Next, fixing the backlight circuit issue can be difficult and risky. It requires someone professional on Apple mobile device repair experience on it. Since the backlight failed for lightening could be more than one reason, the repair solutions consist of a simple filter replacement, another can require replacing the whole circuit or adding jumper wires to bypass damaged tracks. Specifics of the operation may refer to YouTube videos or google. We advise you not to try without professional guidance because these solutions are risky. Inexperienced operations may cause irreversible damages to the new screen. You may check our iPad repair guidance about iPad mini 4 screen replacement video if you have interests.

Finally, we sincerely advise our iPad and iPhone users don’t trust any “parts swapping fixing everything” from a third-party repair shop. Choose the original new LCD screens or high-quality level screens for replacement if you have to swap the original screens. All in all, we should take action for our iPad screen protection or else it will cost us a lot on repair. Besides, you may come to Etrade Supply online store for our new iPad swappable screen. Here we got iPad mini 4 LCD screen and digitizer and small parts as well. You are free to contact us if you find any replacement parts you have interests. We are glad here for help.



How to replace the iPad Pro 10.5 Charging Port with flex cable

The iPad Pro 10.5’s charging port part is consists of the charging port and the flex ribbon with connector. When your iPad is damaged on the charging port and cannot be charging, you may consider replacing the charging port inside. Here Etrade Supply would like to show you how to tear down the iPad Pro 10.5 to replace the charging port module. Check the process below.

Firstly, we need to tear down the iPad screen. Power off the iPad, then place it onto the separation heating station for heating the screen with 65 in 2-3 minutes. Use suction cup and ultra-thin plastic plectrum to slice and separate the screen from the iPad. Unbolt the screws and take off the metal shield for fixing the iPad 10.5 battery connector, then unplug the battery cable with spudger. Unbolt the screws and take off the metal panel for fixing the screen flex cables. Disconnect the screen cables so that the screen can be separated entirely. Here we can see the charging port on the bottom of the iPad. Unbolt the two screws for fixing the charging port, then use a hot air gun to blow on the charging port cable for a while. Use a metal prying tool to pry and take off the charging port module slowly for the iPad. Place the new one into the iPad and plug the cable. Fixing it with the two screws back, make sure it is closely assembled. Connect the screen flex cable back and fixing the cables with a metal panel and screws. Connect the battery cable. Assemble the screen back and make sure it is strictly assembled with the iPad frame. Turn on the iPad and test the new replaced iPad 10.5 charging port. Charging the iPad to see if it is normal to finish the repair process.

As the final suggestion, we should not tear down our iPad by ourselves if we don’t know anything about iPad repair. Go to the Apple authority service center if you face this problem. The iPad screen is easy to be broken, just be careful with it. Anyway, you may also check some iPad 10.5 parts like iPad 10.5 LCD screen and small parts in our shop if you are interested. Leave your comments if you have questions about iPad repair, we are glad to discuss with you.

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Easy Way to Replace the Huawei Mate20 Pro Back Cover

The Huawei Mate20’s back cover is hard crystal material. It is easy to break if we crashed the phone unconsciously while using. We will need to replace the back housing if it is crushed and broken. Here Etrade Supply shows you how to replace your Huawei Mate20 back cover yourself at home in simple steps.

Always turn off the device as the first step. Eject and take out the SIM card tray. Use hot air gun to blow on the back cover with 80℃ for 2-3 minutes. Afterward, use suction cup to pull the back cover. Hard plastic plectrum to insert the gap and slice around the Huawei Mate20 Pro back cover. Gently pry and flip it over to take it off from the phone. Clear the reminding adhesive sticker on the frame with tweezers after the broken back cover is removed. Apply a new Huawei Mate20 Pro adhesive sticker on the new back cover, place the new cover onto the phone and make sure it is in the exact position. Slightly press the cover around the edge to make sure it is closely sealed up. Insert the SIM card tray back. Turn on the phone, the whole process is finished.

The whole procedure is simple, but we need to be careful and patient. You may also go to the repair shop if you are not confident about yourself. There are lots of low-quality high copy Huawei back covers in the market, just be careful with it. You may come to Etrade Supply if you are looking for a new rear cover for your Huawei phone. We offer other Huawei Mate series parts such as Huawei Mate20 LCD screen and digitizer. Just contact us if you are interested.