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How to replace the iPad Pro 10.5 Charging Port with flex cable

The iPad Pro 10.5’s charging port part is consists of the charging port and the flex ribbon with connector. When your iPad is damaged on the charging port and cannot be charging, you may consider replacing the charging port inside. Here Etrade Supply would like to show you how to tear down the iPad Pro 10.5 to replace the charging port module. Check the process below.

Firstly, we need to tear down the iPad screen. Power off the iPad, then place it onto the separation heating station for heating the screen with 65 in 2-3 minutes. Use suction cup and ultra-thin plastic plectrum to slice and separate the screen from the iPad. Unbolt the screws and take off the metal shield for fixing the iPad 10.5 battery connector, then unplug the battery cable with spudger. Unbolt the screws and take off the metal panel for fixing the screen flex cables. Disconnect the screen cables so that the screen can be separated entirely. Here we can see the charging port on the bottom of the iPad. Unbolt the two screws for fixing the charging port, then use a hot air gun to blow on the charging port cable for a while. Use a metal prying tool to pry and take off the charging port module slowly for the iPad. Place the new one into the iPad and plug the cable. Fixing it with the two screws back, make sure it is closely assembled. Connect the screen flex cable back and fixing the cables with a metal panel and screws. Connect the battery cable. Assemble the screen back and make sure it is strictly assembled with the iPad frame. Turn on the iPad and test the new replaced iPad 10.5 charging port. Charging the iPad to see if it is normal to finish the repair process.

As the final suggestion, we should not tear down our iPad by ourselves if we don’t know anything about iPad repair. Go to the Apple authority service center if you face this problem. The iPad screen is easy to be broken, just be careful with it. Anyway, you may also check some iPad 10.5 parts like iPad 10.5 LCD screen and small parts in our shop if you are interested. Leave your comments if you have questions about iPad repair, we are glad to discuss with you.

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