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Judge draws on European days

Nadia will return to where it all began and judge the award at Sheepvention this year, just a month after launching her first collection.

Originally from Darwin, Nadia moved to Melbourne in 2004 to study at Box Hill Institute. “I love wool, even though I’m from Darwin,”

she said.

“I moved to Melbourne and I was freezing and I discovered how warm wool is.

“It’s a beautiful fabric and fibre. Warm in winter and cool in summer and even good for active wear.”

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As a TAFE student Nadia made a wool-silk blend and wool-metallic blend dress to enter the awards at Sheepvention.

The evening wear was inspired by a photograph she had taken of moonlight reflecting on water in Venice.

She needed to learn how to do gold work embroidery to complete the corset.

“I had researched the techniques and I went to a teacher and said, ‘This is what I need to do,’ and she taught me. Traditionally gold work embroidery was done with gold-plated thread.”

The gown won Nadia a trip to Milan, Italy, where she stayed for six months, studying fashion design.

A friend helped her get in touch with the Vogue head office, where she was asked to be a casting assistant for Milan fashion week.

Nadia went on to an internship with Francesco Scognamiglio, who designed for Versace.

“I helped him in his showroom and I saw how real high fashion worked,” she said.

When Nadia returned to Australia she studied fashion design at RMIT University.

More recently she completed a stint in London, returning in August last year to work on her first collection, Lost at Sea, launched last month.

The collection is inspired by a visit to Malta.

“It’s a very wearable collection with a focus on craftsmanship,” she said.

“I’m all about slow fashion and being ethical, so it’s

only made to order. The collection is deceptively detailed pieces you can keep for 10 years.”

One piece of the collection is a wool blend top and Nadia plans to include wool coats and suiting in her winter collection.

As a judge at Sheepvention, Nadia said she would be

looking for good quality craftsmanship and innovative design.

“The clothes must be wearable, but must have flair,” she said.Read more at:cocktail dresses uk

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