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Kendall Jenner's wet-look bob


Kendall Jenner is never afraid to experiment with bold outfits and beauty looks.

But when the model stepped out with a super chic wet-look bob hairstyle at the recent Met Gala, fashionistas around the globe stopped to take notes.

Hairstylist Jason Welch from London's The Lion & The Fox Salon explains that Kendall's long bob or 'lob' is very on-trend, and works to emphasise her eyes and cheekbones - especially as she had a few strands of hair tucked behind one ear.

"The style is very versatile, feminine and flattering, and suits most women as it elongates the face shape," he told Cover Media.

When it comes to emulating Kendall's look, it is a good idea to bring photos displaying all angles of the look to show your hairstylist, as this will give them an insight into how the back and front were cut.

Hair experts Ian Florey and Anna Carter add that Kendall's look can be classed as an A-line bob, and suggest that when discussing a length with your hairdresser, ask for the cut to sit slightly above the shoulder as anything resting on there will flick out.

"Maintenance wise, this should be a pretty easy hair style to keep up with, as with regular visits to the hairdresser, you will be able to maintain the shape and stop the hair resting on the shoulders. You can diffuse the hair to add to your natural texture/add more volume," they shared.

To emulate Kendall's fresh-out-of-the-shower styling, Ian and Anna recommend coating the hair with a strong gel, mixed with a serum. But they insist that it is best to avoid any oil-based hair products, as these will sit on top of the hair instead of soaking in and result in a greasy finish.Read more at:plus size prom dresses | vintage prom dresses


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