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Here’s everything you need to know


Thinking about eloping? Here's everything you need to know
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Less fuss, fewer guests, and a better chance of good weather. It’s all very tempting. But it’s not always quite that easy, and the worst case scenario would be to get to your chosen location and find that you’ve missed an important step.

So. How does eloping work?

Picking where to get married

This is the fun bit. Where in the whole of the world would you like to get married? Does one of you have some heritage you’d like to honour? Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel to?

It’s worth thinking about what kind of weather you’re hoping for. Of course, sunshine is lovely, but if it’s going to be 30+ degrees then that might change what kind of dress you’ll have, and what kind of food. There’s no wrong answer here, but it’s a conversation worth having.

Another factor to consider is how you would feel if the weather turned out to be awful. Is your destination special enough to you that you’ll still love it in the rain?


The only downside of eloping is that unless you’ve got enough money to buy everyone’s flights, you are going to end up with fewer guests.

If you’ve got a small family, a close-knit group of friends, or you don’t want anyone there, dreamy. But you do need to be very sure within yourself that you won’t end up regretting not having had your fourth cousin Gwen and her triplets there.

How long do you need to be resident for?

The biggest thing to work out is how long you need to be resident in the country for in order to get married there. The rules are hugely varied. Italy requires four to seven days, depending on the area. In Frace, it needs to be several months, unless a specific church is willing to make an exception. Travel Weekly has a full list of destinations.

Do you need any tests?

Some countries require you to have tests before you get married. This can be a blood test to screen for shared genetics or a test for sexually transmitted infections. In Mauritius, if you’ve been divorced less than 10 months before your next wedding you’ll need to have a pregnancy test. None of this is anything to worry about, but you’ll need to organise and pay for it all, so best to sort it out before you leave.

Certificate of no impediment

As you can probably tell from the title, this is a certificate which proves that you are both free to marry. Not all countries require you to produce one in order to get married. You can get it from your local registry office, but you shouldn’t get it too long before the wedding (more than six months) because some countries need it to have been issued recently.Read more at:one shoulder prom dresses


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