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Say hello to spring


A profusion of soothing off-whites and powdery pastels; textured saris that are all about the weave; and embellishments that are content being in the background — that’s what designer Anavila Misra is known for. Her latest line being showcased in the city is no different. Titled Hello Spring, it features linen saris and garments in organic handwoven fabrics. Each one of them has timeless appeal, and can be worn differently with just a little styling twist.The Spring/Summer 2017 line, which the designer calls ‘When we look back tomorrow’ celebrates organic, hand-crafted fabric and a monochromatic colour palette.

“I presented this collection last year at Amazon India Fashion Week, and we opted for detailed work on the loom to create different textures. For spring, we’ve taken the same textures off the ramp and rendered them in pastels. If you see the saris, what we’ve done is play with different textures.”As always, linen is the star of Misra’s collection. “I prefer the fabric, as everyone knows by now. I’ve used some silk and cotton just to create textures. Some cording using cotton yarn, or a lino weave using silk yarn. That lends a natural pattern and makes it truly hand-made.” The palette starts at ivory, moves on to beige, yellow and nudes before culminating in graphite and lead.

The line also features botanicals, almost a staple in Misra’s collection. “We have a few block-printed saris and some that feature khatwa (patchwork). We work with a group in Jharkhand, and so we always find a place for their work in any line, to support them and their craft. This time around, we’ve done small floral twigs with embroidery and patchwork.”Last year was momentous in many ways for Misra. She opened her flagship store in Mumbai. “It’s a great feeling. It’s doing well and gives us an idea of how the collection looks when put together. When you work with multi-brand outlets or have a rack or two in a store, there’s only that much of a story you can tell. This is your work, narrated and showcased in a space that bears your personality.”So, what’s next? Nothing, says Misra. “I’ve taken a break from the fashion weeks this year, and am trying to re-innovate the brand, thinking of something new to do.” But yes, whatever she does, linen will continue to be the love of her design life.Read more at:prom dresses 2016 | cocktail dresses


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