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Maheen Khan receives Lifetime Achievement Award


Many people know Maheen Khan to be one of the most influential women in the fashion industry for good reason. She’s considered one of the pioneers of Pakistan fashion and has always been a trendsetter. She’s made her mark internationally and her truck art inspired fashion line Gulabo speaks volumes of Khan’s vision for original, authentic fashion.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that Khan has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Sindh government, an award whose last recipient was Bilquis Edhi. “I am extremely humbled to be considered in the same place as a woman as inspirational as Bilquis Edhi,” Khan shared over a telephonic conversation with Instep. “I stood firmly with my belief of wanting to give good fashion to women in Pakistan and I’m thankful to Allah for giving me the strength to do that.”

Khan elaborated: “I have sacrificed a lot to be here. I had to listen to the taunts of my friends and family amongst others of how I haven’t financially grown and become as big a label like other big designers. But what can I say, I’m a stubborn old woman,” Khan laughed, further explaining how she bit the bullet and stuck to her beliefs.

“My rewards may have not been financial but they have been much more than that. I can proudly say that I have helped shape the way women dress in Pakistan, and instilled a sense of good dressing. For me, it wasn’t about doing what everyone else was doing to make money. I wanted to make trends.”Read more at:prom dresses manchester | prom dresses liverpool


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