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Elle King Explains How She Knew Her Wedding Dress Was the One After Appearing on Say Yes to the Dress


Our favorite pop rocker is officially getting married in style! Elle King stopped by famed NYC bridal salon Kleinfeld last July to appear on a special episode of Say Yes to the cocktail dresses. Naturally, she brought quite the posse with her: her mother, London King; cousin and bridesmaid Hannah; and bestie Andrew Bevan, who is a former Teen Vogue editor (and who will also be officiating her wedding), according to People. The "Ex's and Oh's" star got engaged to boyfriend Andrew "Fergie" Ferguson back in February last year while sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, so obviously it was time she got dress shopping!

"People take months to find their wedding gown, their dress, and I knew that I wanted to try on a few styles—because I didn't know! So if you want the best, you go to the best," King told People in an interview. "I booked my appointment at Kleinfeld because once I set the date, my mom was like, 'You better get the appointment at Kleinfeld!' So I made the appointment, and I sent out the screenshot to all the women I know, and before I knew it, they were like, 'Do you wanna be on the show?' And I was like, 'Yeah!'"

The singer got right down to business when it was time for her bridal appointment, telling Randy and the other consultants the type of style she preferred. "Boho chic does sum up that kind of feel because I want to accentuate certain parts of my body and hide other parts of my body," she said on the show. Keeping this in mind, it's no wonder that her preferred silhouette was an A-line.

Randy chose a wide variety of options for the artist, from "poofy princess and traditional ball gown to glitzy mermaid and whimsical sheath," according to People. But all of these gowns paled in comparison to the one King described as "special" from the first second she laid eyes on it. "I tried on maybe six or seven gowns, but none of them mattered," she told the news site. "I saw it peeking out when [Randy] cleared away some dresses, and before it even hit my shoulders—it was like at my waist—I just knew. I have chills thinking about it. My mom was like, 'Baby, that's it.' I burst into ugly tears, and then we went out, and I said yes to the cheap cocktail dresses  came back in, and my mom ugly-cried, so I knew it was truly the One."

You can check out the not-yet-aired episode on March 4 to find out which gown she chose, or you can take a sneak peek of the episode here. The suspense is killing us!


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