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3M Post-it Notes inspire fashion


3M Cos. maybe better known for tape and sandpaper but that didn't stop it from taking a big leap into the world of London's fashionista elites.

Inspired by the colors and shapes of Post-it Products, Fyodor Golan Autumn/Winter 2017 at LFW (Photo ...

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In honor of London Fashion Week, the Maplewood-based conglomerate has lent its world-famous Post-it Note know how to a design project that is summoning the iconic colors and shapes of 3M's notes into designer clothing.

For this project, 3M's design team partnered with the cutting-edge Fyodor Golan collection. The label derived inspiration from the look and design of Post-it Notes throughout the garments, officials said.

"The designers’ drive and expressive approach established recognizable brand image. Playful undertones with experimental cuts focused on bold colors and digital-like textures" that invoked the idea of 3M's paper Post-it Notes.

In a statement, 3M Chief Design Officer Eric Quint said, “We believe in the power of creative ideation and translating concepts in imaginative new ways and are excited to bring the Post-it Note, a mainstay in homes and offices around the world, to life on the runway.”

Following the London Fashion Show, the garments are traveling to Paris for display in showrooms for buyers.

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