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First Lady Melania Trump Dresses to Send a Message


First Lady Melania Trump Dresses to Send a Message

Thursday, the Inaugural activities officially began, and we got a 1st look at the image that US President Donald Trump and his family are projecting to the nation and the world.

As we know from Michelle Obama’s time in the White House and Hillary Clinton’s run for President, fashion can be a powerful tool for political messaging. That’s particularly true for the women of the administration.

Melania Trump’s outfit for the first inauguration activities, which included a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider in Arlington National Cemetery Thursday, was clearly chosen to leave an impression of respect.

According to WWD, her simple black coat and princess prom dresses were the work of Norisol Ferrari, a New York designer whose biological father is a wounded veteran.

Melania Trump’s outfit is certainly appropriate for the occasion.

In addition to sending a message of support for the US Military, the incoming First Lady’s outfit drew attention to a relatively small-scale American designer.

WWD says that Ms. Ferrari met Trump through Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a senior advisor to her brand and former Met Gala organizer at Vogue who helped plan the Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

The inauguration will be a Key moment in seeing who else has decided to take the plunge. Ralph Lauren (NYSE:RL) and Karl Lagerfeld are rumored to be in Melania Trump’s wardrobe for tomorrow’s events.

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