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TV presenter insists wardrobe malfunction was an ‘optical illusion’


Tenerife-born Eloisa Gonzalez has been tasked with leading the countdown to January 1 on Canarian television for nearly a decade, reports The Sun.

But the regional state TV channel’s decision to transmit live on the windy island of La Gomera — combined with the host’s decision to don a revealing red mermaid prom dresses for the TV gala — turned this weekend’s show into the most memorable.

She has been forced to deny she went commando during a New Year’s Eve broadcast after this image of her which seemed to show her wearing no knickers went viral.

At one point in the program Eloisa’s high-cut dress exposed her crotch — and appeared to show she was wearing no knickers.

A picture of the bare-it-all moment has started to go viral.

Now Eloisa, who defines herself on her Instagram page as a presenter, actor, model and lover of animals, has broken days of silence to insist she was appropriately attired underneath her dress.

The 35-year-old, who began her TV career as a reporter covering the famous Canary Islands carnivals, said despite the apparent evidence to the contrary: “I wasn’t aware of what had happened at the time and I didn’t even notice the cold.

“I had underwear on as well as stockings.

“I was constantly grabbing hold of the lower part of my dress because I didn’t trust its front split.

“But there was a moment when I had to swivel round to speak with a companion and while I was turning round the wind whipped up and it was then that I was informed over my earpiece that they’d seen ‘something.’”

Denying claims from some sectors the embarrassing accident was a deliberate stunt to boost ratings and her personal profile, she added: “I don’t even choose my wardrobe.

“I confide what I wear every year to my stylist Yurena and a few days ago she said to me, ‘This year you’re wearing red.’

“I replied, ‘That’s perfect’ and I tried the dress on two days before New Year’s Eve. That’s the importance I give these things.”

Social media users have been quick to show their appreciation in their replies to a photo Eloisa posted on her Instagram page showing her in her famous red dress during a more dignified moment alongside her co-presenters.

One said: “Show yourself off in that dress and without underwear again and you’ll make more than one person’s day.”

Another added: “The moment where you showed off that beautiful part of your body was excellent. Let’s hope you show it more often.”

Fan Raquel Perez, responding to other comments not fit to publish in a family newspaper, said: “Eloisa, don’t worry about what people say. We’re your true fans. Ignore some of the comments you’re getting. Thousands of kisses.”

It is not the first time Eloisa, a former presenter of Spanish reality television show Supermodel, has made headlines with her New Year’s Eve dresses.

Her low-cut 2012 number led to male admirers creating a Facebook page called: “Eloisa’s New Year’s Eve T##s.”

She ushered in 2016 with a daring electric blue dress which led to comparisons with Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

Her choice for this New Year’s Eve was similar to the high-cut http://www.marieprom.co.uk/mermaid-prom-dresses flaunted by style icons like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner that are now pushing the boundaries on the red carpet.

The look has been branded the high-cut crotch.

Stylist Naomi Isted warned when celebs first started wearing them: “It’s not a realistic look for the public to wear. It’s quite a dangerous look as it could go horribly wrong.

“If there’s no underwear it’s a potential fashion catastrophe.”


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