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The Rose Gold Beauty Product Sending the Internet Into a Tizzy + How to Use It


ll that glitters is basically beauty gold. Over the past year, the biggest makeup trends have all been about adding a little extra sparkle to that daily routine – i.e. any unicorn-related product. Glitter strobing also became a thing. And anything with a holographic tint sent beauty buffs frantically digging for their credit cards. So it should come as no surprise that the cosmetic product that’s been pinned 54,000 times on Pinterest is a combo of shimmer and another trend the beauty world is going ham for RN: rose gold.

2014 Long Black Tailor Made Evening Prom Dress (LFNAC1326)

pics:backless evening dresses

The product isn’t new. It’s been a cult favorite for awhile. But because it’s pretty much the perfect combo of everything we’re loving beauty-wise, it’s seen a huge spike in popularity. According to Allure, “Pinterest named rose gold as one of the top winter beauty trends of the year, with searches up 190 percent.”

Okay, yes agreed. But how exactly do you actually use pigment? The beauty of the product (and the reason so many pros are fans) is because you can really use it for whatever you want. Eyeshadow? Check. Highlighter? Check. You can even dust it on top of a dark lip to give it a shimmery hue (like in this example here).

If you’re really digging the stuff, maybe just GO. FOR. IT. and replicate this beauty blogger’s look in which she created an entire face of makeup using only glitter. But just don’t call us when you’re 50 makeup wipes in and still can’t get the stuff to come off completely.

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