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'White Rabbit' freaking out Londoners once a month says he aims to spread love


A man who has been baffling Londoners by dressing as a rabbit on the first of every month to wave at cars says his purpose is "spreading unconditional love."

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Social media was abuzz Tuesday about the return of the 6-foot-tall white rabbit, who has previously been spotted on the first of each month for the past year waving at passing cars on the Barnes bridge in London.

Some social media users were amused by the mystery bunny, while others wondered if he had a sinister motive.

The man answered some questions about his unusual tradition on an official Facebook page titled I AM White Rabbit, which states the rabbit's purpose is "spreading unconditional love."

The rabbit, who identified himself as artist Spike McLarrity, posted a selfie videoTuesday showing him walking silently next to the road.

"Take time to breath, enjoy the beauty of the misty days, the unknown, the adventure that awaits you every day throughout this month of November. It is part of life that we have difficult days, but in the mist there is a moment to make you smile, a happening, a joy, a seed of hope, the love and support of your family and friends a new encounter, inspiration, joy and celebrations," the Facebook post states.

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Girl in the blue dress


The young lady who infamously clambered on top of a wheelie bin at the Melbourne Cup says she was 'just having a laugh' and is very embarrassed by the ordeal.

A 23-year-old wearing a little blue prom dresses manchester and large fascinator made national headlines after her shenanigans at Flemington on Tuesday.

The enthusiastic punter - who has made headlines throughout the country - decided to ride the bin as if it were a horse, while her friend and a security guard watched on

'It's really hard and embarrassing,' the horse racing enthusiast - who asked not to be named - told Daily Mail Australia.

The red-faced woman said she and her housemate in the beige suit were 'just having a laugh' when the pictures were taken.

She had earlier been barracking for Big Orange and was standing close to the owners of the winning horse, Alamandin, during the race.

'It's just so embarrassing - all my family's going to see it,' she said.

The woman has since torn down her social media profiles after copping 'nasty' comments from strangers.

She said she did not expect to be photographed while celebrating at the Cup.

'I woke up a bit drunk this morning still,' she sheepishly admitted on Nova radio on Wednesday morning.

She also explained that free champagne on the day had contributed to her inebriated state.

It wasn't the only time she was shot during the race.

Channel Seven cameras captured her celebrating the end of the marquee race so exuberantly she lost her hat.

The young woman was far from alone in skylarking at Flemington - joining about 97,000 rowdy revellers at the race grounds.

Other punters were seen vomiting into gift bags and tumbled across the grounds with bottles of drink in hand.

There is little doubt the Cup was one of the rowdiest race days in recent history with extraordinary photographs from Flemington laying bare the scale of debauchery.

Police arrested nine - seven for being too drunk - and a whopping 78 troublemakers were evicted from the racegrounds throughout the day.

Victorian paramedics were also kept busy treating 31 people and taking another five to hospital 'for medical reasons'.

The party was far from over when Almandin crossed the finish line, with struggling punters lolling around amongst the tonnes of garbage left behind and playing karaoke with empty chip containers.

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Eddie Munster Attends Champaign Haunted House Clowns' Wedding


Clowns were spotted in Champaign Monday, but they aren't like the ones who've been spotted across the country.

Instead, these clowns were full of happiness and wedded bliss.


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Two clowns from Champaign’s Freak Show Haunted House, which was just voted number one Most Intense Haunter House in Illinois by Haunted Illinois, got married at the house.

What better day, they say, than Halloween?

"Me and her both have worked haunts and we love scaring people. You know, we're not normal average people," John Paris, the groom, said.

Paris said after making it through a nearly fatal car accident six years ago, all he wants is to be happy and to be himself.

Moments before walking down the haunted aisle, the bride, Kyli Holden, said it's everything she's ever wanted.

"Nervous,” Holden said. “Excited."

John's mother, Lynn Paris, said her son always had a problem fitting in, but after the miraculous recovery six years ago she said John became more comfortable in his skin.

Lynn said he found his passion for “scare” and found his new Freak Show haunting family, who put the wedding together.

"They are incredibly blessed with this group of people,” she said. “We can't choose our family, but this family has chosen them, and I think that's beautiful."

The newlyweds say their guests, who include Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster from 1964 show The Munsters, are really what made the wedding memorable for them.

"To show up and to really just show their support for us… it’s amazing,” John Paris said. “It’s amazing how much just being a good person and trusting in people can really change the world."

There was another big surprise right after the wedding.

After they gave her bouquet to her best friend, Catherine Kester, her boyfriend of several years, Tyler Behn, who's like a brother to the groom, got down on one knee and proposed.

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