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'White Rabbit' freaking out Londoners once a month says he aims to spread love


A man who has been baffling Londoners by dressing as a rabbit on the first of every month to wave at cars says his purpose is "spreading unconditional love."

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Social media was abuzz Tuesday about the return of the 6-foot-tall white rabbit, who has previously been spotted on the first of each month for the past year waving at passing cars on the Barnes bridge in London.

Some social media users were amused by the mystery bunny, while others wondered if he had a sinister motive.

The man answered some questions about his unusual tradition on an official Facebook page titled I AM White Rabbit, which states the rabbit's purpose is "spreading unconditional love."

The rabbit, who identified himself as artist Spike McLarrity, posted a selfie videoTuesday showing him walking silently next to the road.

"Take time to breath, enjoy the beauty of the misty days, the unknown, the adventure that awaits you every day throughout this month of November. It is part of life that we have difficult days, but in the mist there is a moment to make you smile, a happening, a joy, a seed of hope, the love and support of your family and friends a new encounter, inspiration, joy and celebrations," the Facebook post states.

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