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A Sentimental Wedding in a Most Treasured Setting

Though Bryson Schaeffer and Matthew Kennedy both attended Clemson University, shared a number of friends and attended many of the same parties, their paths never seemed to cross during college. Bryson’s first night back after graduation, she and a group of friends were set to go bowling and Matthew was among those there. Bryson says that Matthew challenged her to a bowling game … and she won! The two hit it off and became very close but they didn’t started officially dating until several months later.


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They got engaged a few years later in the most personal way — at home among their favorite things. Matthew’s love of pizza had become a bit of an obsession according to Bryson — and somewhat of a common occurrence. One evening after work, Matthew welcomed Bryson home to candles lit throughout the entire house and fresh pizza in the kitchen. They began to play the game they’d always played with pizza, where they would count to three, point and shout which piece they would eat first. But instead, Matthew pointed to Bryson and shouted, “I just want you!”

He took her hands and professed his love, quoting an episode of “Friends” (their favorite show) where Chandler proposed to Monica saying, “You make me the happiest man on Earth, and I want to spend the rest of my life making you feel the same way.” He then got down on one knee and proposed. She returned his enthusiasm with an absolute, “Yes, yes, yes!”

After announcing their engagement to family and friends, they began planning their perfect wedding day. They hired sisters Ruthie Bowlin & Russell Whitehead of Russell & Ruthie Events to help put everything in its place but Bryson had to finalize a few details on her own.

Choosing the wedding venue was an easy decision for Bryson, who wanted to be married in her grandparents’ backyard. “I have so many memories at their home. I grew up out there; it has such a special place in my heart.”

Once she checked that item off her list, the next step was finding the perfect prom dresses 2016. During an exhausting but exciting shopping day in Dallas, she fell in love with a Liancarlo dress but wasn’t ready to purchase it quite yet. She found the same dress at Maggie Louise Bridal later but she also found another Liancarlo she loved even more! She knew it was the one when she saw her mom crying. She said, “She hasn’t cried over a dress yet … this is it!” as they both began to cry.

Matthew and Bryson left the next morning for a tropical honeymoon in Costa Rica. A first-time visit for both of them, they brushed up on their Spanish before the trip and enjoyed speaking the language and learning more while there. The couple spent their week relaxing beach- and pool-side — except for one full day of adventure zip lining and other outdoor activities in the rain forest. We wish them a world of happiness in their lifetime adventure together!

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