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4 Wedding photographers reveal their favourite photos of the bride and groom

'I have chosen the attached wedding photo as my recent favourite. I took this photo last Saturday, it was a wedding ceremony in Mayfair Library and I was commissioned by Splento.

This is after the ceremony in the near by park. I took the couple for a walk to do a portrait session. So this is their first walk after they are officially together and they are so happy that it happened and released that the formal ceremony is over. She is holding his arm and you can just see the new ring on her hand. The sun was shining and we got lovely backlight it looks like they are walking in a dream and it really was a magic moment for them.'



Dani Metaz. 'From all the photos that I have taken, this one is my favourite. I think it shows the exact moment when after all the stress and the hustle of a wedding day, it gives way to the joy and happiness. It's vibrant and colourful as well, and anyone can relate to it because the focus is in the confetti and not in the bride and groom.'

Steve Edwin. 'I love the surprises that weddings throw up, and the reaction from this couple at a revelation during the Best Man's speech was wonderful to capture.'

Giulia Legora. 'This photo is important for me, first of all because it is from the first wedding I shot, but also because of the story behind it. It was the wedding of Joy, English born in London, and Angelo, Italian born in Turin. They decided to get married after 25 years together and two daughters. I like the joy in their faces during this little moment of relax before the restaurant. It was a very intimate wedding with lots of special moments'.

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