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Amar and Amyra play it coy about wedding day

ACTOR-actress pair Amar Baharin, 31, and Amyra Rosli, 25 (pic), are keeping mum regarding the date of their wedding, reported Kosmo!

“Too much speculation has spread, since people thought that I got engaged to Amar last year,” said Amyra, whose real name is Nur Amira Izzati Rosli.

Amyra Rosli (right) dan Amar Baharin

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“I will share the news with everyone if the wedding truly happens.

“For the time being, allow me to arrange and settle more important matters first,” she added.

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Salim (not his real name), a large man at 195cm tall and 190kg, was offered the job by a local nightclub after both his parents died in 2002.

In the 15 years that he worked as a bouncer, he had to break up fights between club patrons over guest relations officers (GROs) and dealing with armed gangsters.

Salim admitted that he had received death threats before and had been in and out of hospital more than 30 times, with injuries that ranged from broken fingers to cuts on the head.

Salim turned to religion after 15 years and left the profession. His only regret was his younger brother following in his footsteps to work as a bouncer at a nightclub.

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