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Woman sheds 4st and looks stunning in dream wedding dress after finding love on slimming journey

A woman who has struggled with her weight all her life has revealed a stunning slender new look after she shed 4st.

Nicky Gibbs was always the ‘big girl’ amongst her friends but now she's celebrating a slimline shape after she walked down the aisle in her perfect wedding 2016 prom dresses uk - as a dream size 10.

The 25-year-old says she pretended not to care about her size. But inside, she felt awful about herself and hated being overweight.

Like many young people at university, the lack of home-cooked meals combined with plenty of snacking – plus big glasses of wine at student parties - spelled disaster for Nicky’s figure.

Nicky arrived at university a size 12 and by the time she graduated she was a size 18, tipping the scales at 13st 12lbs.

Woman finds love during 4st weight loss and wears size 10 dream wedding dress

Nicky Gibbs has shed 4st and found her perfect partner and wedding dress

“I was bored with life and my life revolved around food, I couldn’t escape," she remembers.

As the Ipswich resident embarked on the next chapter of her life, she knew it was the right time to focus on herself and get on top of her weight.

Woman finds love during 4st weight loss and wears size 10 dream wedding dress

Nicky says that she addressed the reasons why she overate

Inspired by a sixth form teacher who had achieved fantastic results, Nicky started LighterLife - and five weeks into her new life, she met her husband-to- be.

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Swapping food for four 'Foodpacks' a day and attending weekly group sessions where she worked out why she overate - and changed her relationship with food.

Woman finds love during 4st weight loss and wears size 10 dream wedding dress

Before she slimmed down, Nicky was unhappy with her size and shape

"I am delighted I’ve lost 4st and even happier that I have maintained for two and a half years," she says.

When Nicky reached 9st 12lbs, she felt thrilled - and it allowed her to plan a spring wedding where she fitted into a size 10 graduation dresses even smaller than she was when she headed to university.

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