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How to wear Spring’s biggest fashion trends

Brynlee and Megan from The Stockplace shared some important tips when it comes to dressing for spring. To see more great styles from The Stockplace, click here.

Spring fashion tips:

Cinched waistline with zippers are great for jumpsuits. They can be so versatile for the entire day by wearing throughout the day and dressing it up for the night out on the town.

Stripes are especially popular right now making your outfit fun, feminine and different.

The maxi marieprom has been around for a couple of years but it's staying. It is easy to put on and is comfortable.

Overalls are great to wear over something that is a little bit tighter with some detail. Make them cute with high heel booties and a hat or converse to dress them down a bit.

Clogs are also making a comeback to dress up your spring outfits.

If you're hesitant to try something new, go for it! Tell yourself that you look good and you feel good and you will!

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