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Beauty tips: Get skin ready for spring

Pixy Natural Skincare Body Scrub Cubes


Our bodies are often neglected in winter, when it’s far nicer to hop quickly from the shower into warm clothes. Taking the time to look after your whole body is a step worth taking.

To get the most from a moisturiser, it is best to apply it after you have a shower or bath. Pat your skin dry with a towel and, while it is still a bit damp, apply your moisturiser: this way it can trap some of that water to further hydrate the skin.

Dry body brushing is another fantastic way to get smooth, glowing skin. Move a natural bristle brush in gentle, circular motions, working from the ankles upwards. Dry body brushing has multiple benefits, such as removing dead skin cells, reducing instances of ingrown hairs and eliminating clogged pores.

Pixy Natural Skincare is hand-made in Ireland and based in Mallow, Co Cork. The brand has a huge range of natural skincare products. There are several different body oils, butters and creams to choose from, starting at €12.95. Look out for the Body Scrub Cubes (above, €3.95); one side exfoliates and the other side contains cocoa butter and apricot oil to moisturise.

Ógra hails from Tullamore and uses one very local ingredient: peat. Combining peat with coconut oil and avocado oil, Ógra’s Warm Citrus Body Moisturiser (€27.95) is the perfect treat for your skin this spring.

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