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Michal Medina: Princessly gowns for your big day

Marriage is one of the happiest moments that every woman eagerly awaits. When this day finally draws near, what matters most to them is that they can’t afford to not look their best. After all, this is what’s going to add punch to the entire celebratory ambiance. And thanks to the extraordinarily talented bridal designers creating exceedingly spectacular couture gowns, it’s plausible to say that their endearing dream notion of looking like a princess is secure.


However, the one-of-a-kind bridal wear brand taking the world by storm right now is none other than “Michal Medina” which resonates with any bride-to-be internationally. But what is it that makes it the most admired player in this segment?

In an exclusive interview with Arab News, we sit down with the sister duo behind it, Michal Medina and Shula, to find out how their journey as bridal designers of high repute began, what they have in mind for the future and much more.

That they are into designing timeless bridal gowns today has no bits of coincidence lurking behind it. It was written in their destiny thanks to their mother who was an exceptionally talented seamstress. So they grew up being completely exposed to the world of bridal gowns and expert tailoring from an early age. “Our mother had a lot of respect and love for the profession. She passed that love to us. When we were just starting out, she also gave of her talent and helped us make the red prom dresses uk, and from there our small dream became larger than life,” Medina says.

Medina and Shula started out by opening a bridal studio “Hatuna Levana” in the 1990s. It wasn’t long before their studio became the largest destination for women to drop by for wedding gowns which have always been known for their allure. This feat led them to set up “Michal Medina”, its international version aimed at serving the brides globally.

By and large any woman wearing the Michal Medina gown feels like a princess from a fairytale because beneath the makeup of it lies an exquisite display of perfection, uncompromising quality regardless of the time and effort required. “We always aim for creating the highest quality gown that can be made while giving the bride the highest degree of comfort. We put a lot of thought into our dresses, so that each woman, regardless of body type, will feel beautiful,” she says. “The brand has something for everyone — both women with a classic, modest taste and women with a modern, bold taste will be able to find their dream dress and look spectacular.”

In retrospect, their creations are much more than a dress — a story, a statement, a work of art, that each bride must feel was created just for her. So they don’t take their job for granted at all. “We are responsible for how a bride looks and feels on the happiest day of her life. And when we finally translate this responsibility into a phenomenal dress, it gives us and of course the bride, great joy and excitement.”

The entire focus of these magnificently designed gowns falls on the perfect bride — one that lets herself dare to dream big, to go with her heart, the more freedom she allows herself in choosing her dress, so will the chosen dress be a better fit and her happiness will complement her beauty like nothing else could. “Our dresses aren’t regular in the classical sense, and some women need a certain amount of daring to allow themselves to try them on,” Shula says.

Medina likes to think of a wide variety of brides, so accordingly each collection is designed using a wide variety of fabrics. “I love the look that different kinds of lace give our dresses, so many of our designs have a large mix of laces, some classic, delicate, and romantic, or embellished and hand-beaded,” she says. “It’s all about knowing where to use what exquisitely.”

Inspiration feeds the creative individuals constantly in more than one way. Likewise, Medina’s inspiration changes often. It doesn’t always come from the fashion world. When she draws inspiration from fashion icons, she tends to choose innovative icons or a collection that made her think. “It’s very hard to come up with anything new these days in fashion, because almost everything has been done, so I draw inspiration from pioneering designers like Iris van Herpen who created whole collections using 3D printers, plastics, and unique haute couture textile production techniques,” she says.

Also, she turns to the art world to look for new ideas making her travel abroad often. It gets her to spend time in some of the best museums and remarkable galleries teeming with historic treasures of all sorts. “I’m an art devotee. I’m always reminded of what I find interesting in life, and what excites me, and the drive I feel subsequently results in new collections, that are fiercely rousing in their statements and uniqueness,” she points out.

Since bridal couture is a whole different ball game contingent on one’s knowledge of meticulous handicraft, it’s supposed to be extremely demanding in nature. “It requires exceptional attention to detail in order to create a magical gown that, in many ways, is a disposable work of art. Despite the large number of brides that have worn my dresses over my 26 years of work, I still enjoy accompanying each bride on her journey and am involved in the design selection process,” she says. “I make sure each and every detail is perfect and so the dress stands up to the high standards I have set myself in my many years in the business.”

Even more important is Medina’s visit to France before she started working on her dazzling SS16 collection. She went on a river cruise in the Dijon region of the country. Upon her arrival, she instantly fell in love with the breathtaking landscape as it seemed so different from what she is usually used to back home: villages dotted the riverbanks, along with castles that have stood since the middle ages. “The romantic atmosphere along with the feeling of freedom from being surrounded by nature was the perfect foundation for creating the collection. When creating the collection, I focused on large flowing skirts that spill onto the body ...,” she says. “It gave the collection a romantic elegant look, rich with delicate handmade lace with a touch of vintage, while still maintaining a modern look full of glamor and richness of fabric and textures from a combination of embroidery, crystals, (semi-precious) gems, and pearl beads.”

As the label continues to garner popularity for what is its undeniably remarkable brilliance in bridal wear, it’s not hard to believe that they have taken the next right step by distrusting their designs to brides around the world. “Our red cocktail dress are already being sold in the US and in the coming year we plan to expand to Europe, Canada, and South East Asia. There’s a lot of excitement and the amazing responses we receive in every location we’ve managed to reach in the US is heart-warming and gives us great comfort and feeds our desire to create,” Medina says.

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