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Golden Globes Set Glamorous Tone for Hair in 2016

We're off to a fantastic start for 2016 with the Golden Globes putting hair front and center for fashion with lots of glamorous styles to follow.

Colors remained mostly tone-on-tone with beautiful, but subtle, variations. We did see some stars wearing their hair with a darker base at the roots and some lighter pieces in a balayage treatment to create a soft and sexy look. Overall, we're staying with more natural looks and soft transitions.

One of my favorite actresses, Kate Hudson, wore her hair in simple, sexy soft waves in a blend of different blonde shades, parted down the middle, a no-fuss style but with lots of enchanting depth.

Olivia Wilde had a similar style but in a different flavor with darker roots, something we've seen a lot of recently, and some balayage treatment for that sun-kissed natural look and some highlights around the face.

There were lots of asymmetrical styles, too, at varying lengths with parts deep on the side, the hair pulled over, but that doesn't necessarily mean slick and streamlined. Kate Winslet showed us how. She nailed it beautifully.

Katy Perry had a tone on tone 1960 look. Maria Menounos was a standout with a crowning tiara braid, creating an elegant look to go with her beautiful off-white gown at what is one of the film and television industry's most important award events.

Dallas Howard shows that reds are headed toward spring in more golden and coppery shades.

Jamie lee Curtis rocked the Pixie with her natural hair color. Lady Gaga gave us Marilynn Monroe.

How about Regina King with those soft, '20s finger waves and dazzling earrings to finish of a look that makes us want to go back into that era with our flapper dresses and dance the night away?

The Golden Globes really set the stage, because this is the first major awards event of the year, and one of the most important for the movie and television industry. This is also one of the more formal, elegant events of the year, and it felt as though hair was a focal point of the fashion this year at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, so we're off to a great start for 2016 with lots of beautiful options.

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