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Kajol Shrivastava adjudged Miss LAD Personality-2015

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Unlike every other species in the animal kingdom where the male of the species is beautiful, colourful and attractive, in the human beings, it is the female of the species who is beautiful, gorgeous, attractive and one can go on and one to describe the beauty.

One needs to appreciate beauty and beautiful girls are no exception. However, unlike the olden days, now beauty with brains and substance are most sought after. Therefore the beauty pageants too seek beauty with substance.

One such beauty pageants was the Miss LAD Personality-2015 which was held in the city on December 29, 2015 at their Shankar Nagar premises. Almost every girl who took admissions in LAD College awaits and looks forward to the Miss LAD event.

According to the lecturers and professors, the contest is not a beauty pageant, but a total personality contest where the participants are put to test to check their soft skills, grooming, communication and convincing abilities, Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Since, Miss LAD Personality Contest-2015 aimed at an overall beauty, the LAD College organizers had included EQ and IQ.

Emotional Quotient (EQ) is a way to measure how a person recognizes emotions in himself or herself and others, and manages these emotional states to work better as a group or team. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a value that indicates a person’s ability to learn, understand, and apply information and skills in a meaningful way.

The interaction of the eminent trainers and the bubbly enthusiastic contestants provided a kaleidoscopic mix of wit, humour, intelligence, daring, beauty with brains. Et-al. Under the able guidance of Vice Principal Harsha Jharia, the event gets implemented by the students of the college. The training and the grilling practice sessions of the contestants had started two and a half months back.

This year too, the events serve as perfect platform for students to showcase their hidden talents. The participants voiced their emotions that they, underwent a sea of change in personality, boosting self confidence in themselves, which not only shall assist them to enter the professional industry but also sail through their professional career in future.

The students were motivated by the Vice Principal of LAD College (Seminary Hill Branch) Harsha Jharia who is the Event Director and choreographer too.

The contestants were also trained by Dr Meenakshi Kulkarni, Swati Banerjee, Sonal Trivedi, Mehrosh Sheikh, Dr Shishir Palaspure in confidence building. Nidhi Gandhi trained them for grooming and styling. Puja Gehani of INARA Nail Spa and Saloon took sessions of their make-up. Shilpa Agrawal trained them how to prepare for the contest. Dr Rani Bhutada and Meghana Kulsunge took sessions on skin and hair care.

The contest was adjudged by eminent personalities from various fields: Ist runner-up of Mrs India Shilpa Agrawal, Fashion Designer Nidhi Gandhi, Director of NIIT Rina Sinha, Director of Tirpude Institute of Management Lalit Khular and Senior Journalist from India Next Amar Jaju.

The contestants had to pass through a series of rounds which include Introduction Round where the contestants were attired in Traditional attire. 28 contestants were shortlisted for this round. Of these 28 contestants 15 got selected for quarter-finals. This number of contestants were to be reduced to 10 in the next round and then to five and finally three finalists.

Who said that only boys or guys can be boisterous, one could see immense energy levels in the participants and the audience alike at LAD College. Some of the questions of the Question Answer session for the contestants were really topical, latest and very relevant for the contest. They were:

1. Is skill development important in today’s youth?

2. Why do you think Old Age Homes are rising rapidly?

3. What do you intent to gain by participating in Miss LAD Contest?

4. Do you think Youth of today face more pressure of performance?

5. If you get a chance to participate in a reality show, what will it be?

6. What is more significant for you, Sunrise or Sunset?

7. Which slogan would you get printed on your T-Shirt?

8. What is the Best advice that parents can give to their children and what best advice can the children give to their parents?

9. What are your views on changing profile picture for a temporary period for a cause?

10. In the name of equality, women have taken up to smoking and drinking. What is your opinion?

11. What is the best gift a husband can give to his wife?

12. Which qualities of women give an edge over men?

13. What is your opinion on legalization of Live-in-relationships?

14. What do you see yourself as Giver or Taker?

The answers of most the contests were apt, appealing to the judges and right out of the box. One could hear a lot of cheering and hooting when some contestants really answered very well.Read more at:grey prom dresses

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Ladies, light skin is not synonymous with beauty


There is a certain medicine man who managed to convince all the dark-skinned girls that they are not as beautiful as their light-skinned sisters. After doing the damage of misleading these local girls, the medicine man vanished from the scene. We now have many cases of women with dark complexion dying to be light-skinned.

To the uninitiated, there is this ‘psychological contest’ between dark verses light among the girls. It is evident in every sphere of life. When you get into a matatu, if you are hawk eyed and like to appreciate beauty, like I do, you will notice it.

If you are seated in a matatu next to a dark skinned girl and suddenly a light skinned one comes on board, naturally and out of human curiosity you will look at whoever is coming in, just in case you need to give way or bend your head a bit to avoid being hit.

But to the dark skinned girl, all she sees it competition. If you are keen you will see her seethe in anger, her chest will heave with fury. And if the light-skinned girl accidentally steps on her toe or accidentally touches or pulls her hair as she squeezes in between seats, pure bile erupts from the dark sister’s mouth.

Even at parties, it is the same thing. If you have been to Christmas bashes and wonder why the dark-skinned women are taking to the floor with complete abandon, wonder no more. The girls have learnt to take their fights to the battle front.


Have you ever heard that common phrase by women that to get noticed and recognised, they must work probably two or three times harder than their male counterparts It is the same forest here. The dark ones have two options to work two or three times harder to get noticed or to take the easier route; bleaching. Or is it skin-lightening Whatever!

But the easier route is not as easy as it sounds. Skin-lightening is a dangerous undertaking; it involves distorting the skin colour cells. This is done all in the name of beauty. What madness! It is a frightful thing I tell you. Many girls have engaged in skin-lightening with varying degrees of success or if you like havoc.

Strangely, even as some of these chemicals backfire, more girls are still doing skin-lightening in the hope that they will attract more glances from men. The extent some women go to attract the attention of men is mind boggling.

Free advice

Ladies, let me give you some advice for free, you will thank me later. Men only look at you when you have done skin lightening on face to ascertain the degree of damage on your skin. To make things worse, once you bleach your skin, your natural body cells starts to treat your skin as a ‘foreign agent’ and that is the beginning of the end.

You do not want to bear the effects of an altercation between the natural body cells and the ‘remixed’ cells. As you continue to grow, the disharmony is further heightened and a girl that was once dark skinned and beautiful resembles a mannequin.

What happened to the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice Who said the beautiful ones are the light skinned ones Singer India Arie sung something to the effect ‘you are not your hair’. And I say, ‘you’re not your skin complexion’.Read more at:http://www.marieprom.co.uk/short-prom-dresses

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While we worry about how much weight we’ll gain this Christmas, the fashion industry weeps as the trend of skinny models is passing away.

We’ve all seen fashion models. Either on TV while they were on the catwalk presenting the latest collection of some big name of the fashion industry, either in magazines, doing the same thing, except not on the catwalk but at a photo shooting.

Besides their clothes and their pretty faces, there was definitely something else that caught our attention which was their bodies and how skinny they looked. Skinny is probably the best word to describe most fashion models. This is because they have long passed the slim figure and you can basically see the shape of their bones through their almost translucent skin.

These too skinny models have been a subject for debate for many years now. The main reason is that people fear they are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and an abnormal image of how a woman should look. This promotion of image can mostly affect teenage girls who are insecure about their bodies and seek guidance on how they should look, or eat.

Although there are skinny models who do have a healthy lifestyle there are many others who starve themselves and soon after become sick from malnutrition which can even give the heart attacks.

Two scientists have decided to take a stand and published an article on the issue in the ‘American Journal of Public Health’. According to the research they’ve done, the average body mass index of an international model is under 16, which by the standard of the World Health Organization it is a number that indicates starvation.

Since many you women believe fashion models are ideals of beauty, they try to copy them. This may increase the risk of anorexia. Data shows that this disease causes more deaths than any other mental illness.

The scientists proposed that worker protection standards should be created and implemented for the fashion industry, just as it is done in any other potentially dangerous industry. Many diseases or disorders are linked to people’s occupations, such as coal miners being more likely to develop lung disease. The same goes for the fashion industry – models are more likely to have eating disorders. The solution would be to prohibit companies and agents to hire models who have a body mass index lower than 18.

France has already passed a law which sets the lower limit for a model’s weight. Hopefully, this will also happen in the U.S. soon enough.Read more at:long prom dresses

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