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Colours, sequins and sparkles at KL Fashion Week

Celebrity Nur Fazura Sharifuddin (left) says her collection (right) pays tribute to female empowerment and is inspired by women who have been abused, bullied and discriminated. — Pictures courtesy of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week
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As one of the country’s most talked about celebrities, Nur Fazura Sharifuddin is no stranger to life in the limelight. Two Fridays ago, the actress, singer, producer and reality television star made her Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week debut as a fashion designer. Her fashion label, House of Doll, started three years ago and it was all things glitzy, replete with sparkles.

At the last show of the day, the crowd waited in anticipation and after a daring screening of a video montage, screams and cheers were heard. Fazura’s collection — filled with flattering cuts and tasteful amounts of embellishment — was a nod to female empowerment.

“I always like to celebrate women. You can see in the montage, a lot of women who since school, get bullied and housewives get hit and bullied too,” said Fazura during a quick chit-chat after her runway show.

Flanked by her entourage and a group of journalists, she added that the collection was about transgender people as well.

“I don’t like how women get discriminated and how transgender [people] want to be themselves but can’t,” said Fazura, who shared that she has many transgender friends.

“My collection celebrates women to be free, be themselves and shine bright.”

The multitalented designer’s collection was nothing short of shiny and bright.

“All the colours, sequins and sparkles — those are the things I like and I think women should be out there to dominate the world,” quipped the pint-sized actress, who shed tears of joy after showing her collection.

But more than all that glitter, things have come full circle for the 31-year-old stunner, having studied fashion design prior to her big break in the entertainment industry.

For Fazura, it has always been a learning curve.

“I’m still learning. I have a lot to learn but I’m going to give myself a little bit of credit because I thought the collection was quite nice,” she said, smiling.

The celebrity designer worked with her team to make the collection a success and even selected the fabrics on her own.

Speaking about her hands-on experience, Fazura said: “I hopped into a cab and got everything on my own, each and every piece.”

“I actually carried all of them — that’s the reason I cried because the journey was so emotional.”

To say the least, it was a fulfilling experience for Fazura who acknowledged her team’s hard work and efforts. As a result, not only was a beautiful collection produced, Fazura excitedly shared that she had injected her personal style into each and every piece in the collection.

“I just wish I could wear some of the styles such as the cropped top,” she said.Those who are acquainted with Fazura’s personal life would know that being under the constant glare of the media is not exactly a walk in the park. For example, the term ‘controversial’ had been applied to personalities like her. But what does it actually mean?

Asked about the misconceptions people often have about her, Fazura replied earnestly: “The media plays a big part in building perceptions about celebrities —it’s so easy to say something about a celebrity and people just believe it.”

“But now, celebrities have Instagram, okay!” she said with a laugh, adding that social media allows public figures like her to write their own narratives and defend their opinions.

“I want to tell all the women out there, especially celebrities, to be who they are. You don’t have to be someone other people want to see. If they are real fans, they’ll take you for who you are.”

Her reality television show on E!, Facing Up to Fazura was the first of its kind featuring a Malaysian celebrity and quickly became an outlet to debunk all myths surrounding the actress’ life. For those wondering if there is going to be a second season, Fazura cheekily replied, “Maybe we’re filming it right now.”

With so many feathers in her cap and a growing list of duties, Fazura joked about “going to outer space” next.

On a more serious note, the stylish designer shows no signs of stopping and already has her next game plan sorted out.

“I want to travel and backpack around the world and I want to help the Syrian refugees,” shared Fazura, who was decked out in a satin cream suit paired with Sophia Webster’s coveted butterfly sandals.

But for now, as the excitement of fashion week slowly comes to a halt, Fazura can finally put her feet up from all the hectic multitasking.

“I’m going on holiday after this or I’ll go insane,” she said with a laugh.Read more at:celebrity dresses

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