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4 things you must not indulge in during exams

4 things you must not indulge in during exams
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The final exams are on and you are naturally anxious. Here are some things to keep in mind so that you remain stress-free while writing your papers:

Burying your nose in the lessons till the last minute

Many kids have the habit of revising, and re-revising till the invigilator tells them to put their books away. "Students appreciate whatever time they get to go through their notes. In fact, I used to read my lessons even when riding pillion with my father to the school," recalls Natasha Hinduja, an HR professional, "But, the answers would become more like a puzzle when I saw the question paper. I found it difficult to put to pen what my mind knew well." Smita U, an English teacher, advises, "The more you read your lessons till the last hour, the more the chances of feeling mixed-up during the exam. I tell my students to finish their lessons the previous night and revise them once in the morning. It's important for students to feel relaxed and I insist everyone deposit their books with me at least 20 minutes before going to their seats."

Asking for extra sheets because your friend has already used two

As a rule, stop hyperventilating because you still have three pages to go in your main answer booklet and your friend has already asked for the second additional sheet. Remember that each person's handwriting differs and so does the line-spacing. Rohit Madhiker, a psychologist and a counsellor at school, says, "Comparing yourself with your friend on the day of exam can be quite disastrous. He/she may write the alphabets big or leave double spaces between answers. Remember that teachers mark you for the answer you write and not for the number of additional sheets you have attached to your main ones." Smita says, "Also, you must try and utilise the full three hours that are given to you. You don't have to dash out of the hall because your friend has left."

Getting curious about how much the next person is writing

For one, the invigilator will say you are cheating if you try to see what the other one is up to. Even if you are doing so out of panic, it's avoidable. Admits interior designer Shruti Kumar, "During one of my Class X CBSE pre-boards, I was perplexed to see this girl next to me writing furiously, drawing diagrams and using almost all the instruments in the geometry box. I was upset because I hadn't even opened my box. I was tense and assumed I would fail that paper. When I met her outside the hall, I asked her what she was drawing. Only then did I realise she was writing her math paper, and I, my science!"

Over-Discussing subjects with your friends


While having a healthy discussion about subjects and study materials is a good habit, doing it on the day of the exam may not always work. Adds Rohit, "If you discuss lessons on the day of the exam with others, you might get confused. You would have learnt a theory a particular way and your friend will have another point of view. So, by the end of the discussion, both of you will end up with a convoluted idea of how to answer it. So, all discussions must be held while studying the subjects, at least not on that very day." Read more here:mermaid style prom dresses

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