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Why you should avoid having too much milk

Popular belief has been that a diet that has a high intake of milk and dairy products is good to thwart the risk of osteoporotic fractures. But a new study, published in BMJ says that having too much milk could actually increase a person’s risk of fractures. Not only that, a high intake of dairy products can even cause a higher death rate in adult men and women.

Milk is known to be rich in nutrients and has always been recommended for child nutrition. According to earlier United States Department of Agriculture recommendations, 3 cups of dairy everyday are good for health and to improve bone mass. 3-4 glasses of milk everyday were also pronounced good in order to reduce about20% of healthcare expenses associated with osteoporosis.

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This observational research, conducted by Prof Karl Michaelsson at the department of surgical sciences at the Uppsala University in Sweden disputes some of the benefits linked with milk. The researchers suggest that high milk intake could increase oxidative stress, leading to bone fracture and mortality risk.

The hypothesis was based on the point that milk is the main dietary source of D-galactose and there is evidence that shows that chronic exposure to D-galactose is a source of aging and reduced lifespan. Milk also has high levels of lactose. D-galactose and lactose are both sugars that increase inflammation in the body, which is the root of many chronic and fatal diseases.

Leaders of this study say that further research is needed to validate the findings of this observational study before any dietary changes are recommended. This research looked at the diet and lifestyle of two large groups of adult men and women for a number of years. In women, no reduction in the risk of fractures was noted.Read more here:red prom dresses uk

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7 Skin Care Tips To Remember This Winter

Winter is already here and you must be worried about the harsh weather taking a toll over your health and skin. After the last few months of hot and sticky weather, winter truly comes as a blessing. But this season, there are certain winter preparedness tips that you must follow for good health and beauty.

A healthy diet with right exercise is a solution for protecting yourself against any kind of weather, especially the cold winter. You can wear thick cottons and cover yourself with shawls. Try to avoid woolen clothes. You definitely would not want to wear an animal's skin.

Here are a few winter health care tips that you must follow for a healthy body and glowing skin.

1. Drink Lots of Water and fluids- Water has the ability to cleanse your internal organs. You eat a lot of unhealthy food every day, knowingly or unknowingly. Intake of water will help you to clean your body against those hazardous chemicals that are taken in. During winter, people often neglect water because you just do not feel thirsty. You must drink at least 4 litres of water every day for a healthy body, especially during winter. Try green tea this winter. It is a good substitute for your coffee or tea. It is healthier and makes you feel fresh. If you are on a diet, then green tea is your answer to weight loss in a healthy manner.

7 Skin Care Tips For This Winter
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2. Get Good Sleep- If you plan to stay awake for a late night movie or chit chat with friends, make sure that you compensate it with good sleep later. During winter season, good sleep is an important health and beauty tip. If you do not sleep well, if affects your body. Apart from dark circles that starts becoming evident under your eyes, lack of good sleep causes various other health hazards that you definitely do not want this winter. Good sleep is important for the immune system of your body as well.

7 Skin Care Tips For This Winter

3. Eat Healthy, Go Vegan- It is winter and you would love to indulge yourself in spicy and hot food. It is a good idea. But remember that these hot and spicy foods can have an adverse effect on your health. Eat lots of cold salads. Vegetables and fruits are always your answer to a healthy and fit body. If you eat right, then nothing like it during this winter season.

7 Skin Care Tips For This Winter

4. Take a Brief Shower- Who does not like a hot water shower during winter reason. But studies say that it is a bad idea to take shower for more than 10 minutes during winter. Make your showers short and simple. Spending a lot of time under shower affects the moisture content of your skin. Your skin becomes more dry. Hence, you will have to keep applying moisturisers always. Also, be careful of the soaps that you use when you take shower during winter. Make sure that your soaps are rich in moisture content.

7 Skin Care Tips For This Winter

5. Good Exercise- Move and shake your body as part of staying healthy this winter season. This is one of the crucial tips that you must remember as part of preparedness for winter. Hit the gym or do yoga. It is hard for you to 'sweat out' this winter season, but make sure that you do exercise at least for an hour every day.

7 Skin Care Tips For This Winter

6. Protect Yourself from the Harsh Weather- Wear thick cottons that are readily available in the market. Wrap up yourself with some good quality thick shawls. Say no to wool because you would not want an animal to be ripped off its skin for your comfort. Make sure that your ears are completely covered when you go out during nights.

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Standout styles from Toronto's Fashion Week

Pink Tartan
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Canadian designers unveiled their visions for spring and summer styles at Toronto's World MasterCard Fashion Week, offering a preview of apparel and accessories destined for store shelves and online boutiques next year.

Buyers, members of the media and industry insiders had a chance to get an up-close glimpse of warm-weather fashions from emerging design talents at a special event hosted by the Toronto Fashion Incubator toward the conclusion of the week.

They shared their observations on some of the notable trends and standout shows from the semi-annual fashion event.

FEELING FRINGE: A staple of boho style, fringe was a featured player on the runway. Mackage made use of the embellishment, and Holt Renfrew's Lisa Tant enjoyed how womenswear label Pink Tartan incorporated the cascading strips of fabric as adornments on skirts, vests and dresses.

"Fringe is enormous for spring," said Tant, vice-president, fashion editor with the luxury retailer. "We're seeing it a lot now into fall (and) also into spring, so I thought it was really timed in how she put it in her collection."

HOT HUES: Many designers were feeling the blues as a sea of rich hues spanning from a pale sky shade to navy and ultramarine coloured collections from the likes of womenswear designers Caitlin Power, Rachel Sin, Matthew Gallagher and Hayley Elsaesser, as well as menswear brands Christopher Bates and Bustle.

However, Michelle Germain, owner and curator of Shopgirls Gallery Boutique in Toronto, was struck by what she saw as the absence of colour for spring.

"I think more and more, we're working towards that sort of monochromatic or very neutral base. And then where you can have fun is with the accessories, and obviously scarves and jewelry and really bring that pop of colour."

Tant echoed Germain's sentiments of the importance of non-colour in warm-weather styles.

"We're seeing good strong hits of orange, navy, but really just a very clear, clean palette. An awful lot of white and off-white."

The rock 'n' roll range from Rudsak was a prime example of another warm-weather trend observed by Toronto Fashion Incubator executive director Susan Langdon: black and white.

"(It's) either all black or all white or a mix of black and white in prints and in stripes, so I definitely think that's a theme that's emerging, which works perfect for me because I'm always in black and white."

LAYER UP: Bundling up isn't only for the chillier months. The Mackage runway saw models wearing several layers beneath their sleek trench coats and biker jackets, with flowing chiffon tunics teamed with leather and suede fringe skirts and mesh T-shirts.

"I think it's good to dress in layers," said Langdon. "It's practical, it looks chic -- particularly if you can mix up the different layers and the lengths and the textures and make it kind of interesting."

Arie Assaraf, owner of TNT -- which operates boutiques in Toronto and Montreal -- said there will also be a progression toward "soft dressing" featuring smoother, softer fabrics and textures like suede as well as incorporating lightweight knits into ensembles.

THAT '70s SHOW: Kimberley Newport-Mimran paid an homage to the past with a modern twist in her nod to '70s-era styles for Pink Tartan, and her self-described "strong pieces for strong girls" earned kudos from Tant.

"I loved the jumpsuits, the culottes, her prints. I thought it was really fun and fresh and very polished," she said.

"It was still Pink Tartan, which is what I liked. You could see her signatures and it had a modern freshness to it which, to me, is what defines Pink Tartan."

One-piece getups also emerged from Hayley Elsaesser and Rudsak, who each brought their fresh takes on jumpsuits to the runway.

INTERNATIONAL INFLUENCE: Langdon pointed to the Japanese influence in the modular origami-inspired collection from Sid Neigum which kicked off the week and also earned the Alberta-born, Toronto-based designer the top prize in the Mercedes-Benz Start Up contest for emerging talents.

Bustle blended fashionable elements and style influences from rugged athletic apparel and a famed sun-soaked hotspot with its "An American in Mykonos" line which fused American rugby-inspired prints with seaside prints inspired by the Greek island.

SPORTY CHIC: Keep those running shoes at the ready: there's still a long road ahead for the enduring athleticwear trend as designers delivered their interpretation of sporty styles.

Melissa Nepton, Rudsak, Mackage and Bustle all featured their unique takes on sporty chic, and some of the collections during the week made ample use of mesh by fashioning shirts, shorts, jogging pants, cropped tops, tees and capris from the perforated fabric.Read more here:marieprom.co.uk vintage prom dresses

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