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Crusoe influenced collection on show

Tribal Collection created by Charis Wiltshire at Fife College

Nineteen-year-old Charis Wiltshire has just completed a HND in Fashion: Design and Production with Retail at Fife College, and for her final student collection, she was inspired by none other than famous fictional castaway Robinson Crusoe - based of course on Largo’s Alexander Selkirk.

Charis debuted her collection in front of a packed audience in Kirkcaldy recently alongside her peers.

Charis said: “If I’m honest, it actually all came about after I watchediton Netflix. I’ve always been really inspired by the survival thing, like Bear Grylls and stuff like that, and the idea of different cultures really interested me as well.

“The story worked really well as part of current trends too, through things like adventure and tribal cultures, so as well as being really interested in the story, it actually worked as part of the current season.”

In order to achieve the ‘stranded-on-a-desert-island’ ‘look’, Charis used a textile called calico, which she said helped to reflect the situation Crusoe was in.

“Calico is one of the cheapest fabrics you can get and I thought that was perfect, because it was about surviving with what you’ve got, so it was all very cheap fabrics and a lot of natural dyes to make it quite authentic.”

Charis said she was aware of the story of Crusoe before starting the project, but hersubsequent research into the castaway piqued her interest even further.

“I knew the back story, but didn’t know the exact ins and outs. But for research, I watched the film and read quotes and visited where (the original) had come from.

“I learned more as the project went along and visited beaches to try to understand how he would have lived. I really enjoyed doing it all.”

Commenting on the collections produced by the students, Christine Robson, who works in the fashion department at Fife College, said: “The Fashion Show was the perfect ending to a very busy and creative term for the students.

“The talent and skill shown reflects the high standards of work being taught in Fife College and we are proud that so many of our students have secured places at some of the best Art schools in the UK.”

Now that the project and sleepless nights are over, Charis is off to the world-famous Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen next month.

“I’m really excited about going to Gray’s, I’ve been looking at all the work we will be doing and it’s going to be so good going to somewhere like that.”

And if she could dress anyone in the world, who would it be? “Kate Moss,” she said.Read more:cheap prom dresses uk

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